Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday

Woo Hoo for:
* working from home so no petrol or parking costs!
* having a great weekend catching up with friends at a bonfire and bbq
* managing to get some work done at home the past two days, and not being distracted by my scrap table .... just sitting there in the corner calling out to me ..... it's hard resisting that urge - LOL!
* getting back into a routine after a few weeks of chaos
* Finn's arm on the mend, xray on Monday and everything healing in the right place, but cast still on for another 4 weeks.
* getting caught up on Jessica Sprague's Stories in Hand course, and thanks to my whizzy printer all that printing of prompts and templates didn't take too long!
* a free weekend ahead to get some pre Christmas stuff done

A bit of sad news though, I just read that Kyah has passed away this morning - such a brave and strong 'almost three year old'. My thoughts are with her family at this time.


Angel Gurl said...

you are on a roll, thats good about working from home though. Glad the bonfire went okay and without a hitch. Gotta love routines. Nice to read that Finn'r arm is healing. Enjoy your free weekend. Was sad reading that news about Kayah.

Trace said...

Good news about that wee boy of yours. Oooo tough having that scrap table calling your name and having to resist it LOL

Hannah said...

So you are enjoying working from home then? I love it. My scrap table is right next to my computer desk, so I totally hear you on the temptation part! But it does get easier to ignore it, trust me! LOL :-)
Glad Finn's arm is healing well.

mandyb said...

great list there..... and yeah sad news about Kyah.... My sis saw all the cars arrive today and thought oh-oh (she lives across the road from them) good that her pain has ended though!!!!!

Vicki said...

Lots of good stuff there to Whoo hoo about. Glad that you finally got your bonfire.

Beverley said...

That scrap table calling must be really hard to resist ... I'm not sure I'd be strong enough ... but then I guess paid work means more for the scrapping budget.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Finn's arm is getting better. Working from home is great, isn't it? Great list of Whoo Hoots Mich!

kate said...

Hi. Just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my new blog.