Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Camera Love ...

... As well as being a scrapbooker I do also have a bit of a love for things camera related ... that may include the odd camera stamp (well maybe 6 or 7 hehehe). So when I saw the following Polariod on trademe for a really good buy now price I jumped on it ... and one day if I can buy the right film I'm going to try it out.

This next one a Brownie was a find at a local second hand/vintage shop ... it was closing down so had all stock at 50% off which was a bonus!

I find I am taking a lot more of my photos on my phone - it just so convenient as I take it everywhere with me. There are so many new apps appearing everyday that you can download to edit your photos on your phone. So here are a couple of photos that I have edited using different apps ...
'Hello Autumn' was edited in A Beautiful Mess an app by Elsie & Emma - Elsie was huge in the scrapbook world a few years ago, I have always loved her quirky style and this app is so fun. You can add doodles, borders and use different fonts ...

The next one was edited in the Rhonna Designs app - I have just a little play with this one but the borders and titles, banners and designs are very cool! (This is also a pic of my new toy - a Silhouette Cameo ... I am still trying to get learn to drive it but am happy with the little bit I have learned so far. And I know I have so much more yet to learn)

And after all that talk about cameras I thought I should show you a layout I completed a month or so ago ... I had this photo booth strip pics from my cousin's wedding ... 

So what are your favourite camera/photo apps?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Project Life style 2013 ...

In 2009 I completed a Project Life style album ... back then I think was called Project 365 ... this was a photo a day. I liked it, and kept focussed and completed the whole year, and it's now an album I love to look back on.
I had intentions of doing this type of album again in 2010 but things changed, our youngest started school, I was working more, then a change of jobs ... and I never got that album started properly.
Fast forward a couple of years, a rebranding of Project 365 as Project Life, alot of other scrap manufacturers bringing out PL style products which I loved and started collecting ... and I decided to give it a go again.
I am loving my album this year, however had made a few changes in the way I approach it from what I did previously. I include more than one photo for certain days, a double spread typical covers a whole week ... but there are exceptions to this when a special event can cover up to 4 pages.
I have taken a few pics to show you how I am putting this together ...

... with the page above I created the banner with scraps of patterned paper and stitched them to grid card

... a strip of patterned paper aded to the bottom of a grid card adds an extra bit of detail

... another banner created with scraps of patterned paper, and a die cut star

... I start each new month with the Simple Stories month cards and a calendar card which I add significant dates/events/happenings onto.

And just for the record I am almost up to date for this year ... I have the past 3 weeks worth of photos to print and include in my album ... this weekend's task I think ;)