Tuesday, December 23, 2008

... peace to all the world, and goodwill to man ...

... love the Snoopy's Christmas song!
So here on the eve before the eve of Christmas I would like to wish all my bloggy and online friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you all have a fantastic festive season whatever you are doing!
We have Christmas with the inlaws planned, and a bit of camping thrown in the mix too. No sure when I will online over the next few weeks, but will 'catch up' with you all in the New Year sometime.
Now with hot days coming don't forget that sun and 'slip-slop-slap' also get those cameras out for some great summer photos ready for a new year of scrapping!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Woo Hoo ...

It's that time of the week ... so Woo Hoo for:

* becoming an Auntie! Little Stella Jean at just 1.55kg and almost 10 weeks early is doing just fine! Just had to do a spot of shopping for her today ;) Parcel all set to mail tomorrow - man I wish Melbourne was alot closer!

* Finn's great school report that came home on friday - "Finn is a happy and helpful boy and has been a pleasure to teach" - that's my boy!

* finding a cool idea on a blog for a reindeer Christmas card made from outlines of Emma's hands and feet - used her's coz they are the smallest in the house. This card went down a treat with the Kindy teachers and then Finn came home from school today and guess what they had made - yip the same thing!
* getting some cool photos taken with Santa. The NICU unit at Dunedin Hospital do this as a fundraiser each year and this is the 4th year we have supported them, a great deal for $15 you get two prints and a cd full of all the photos they take of your kids - our cd has 49 photos on it!!!
* getting all my Christmas shopping done!
* finishing work for the year (well I think it's all finished anyway unless something super urgent comes in)
* yeah for last day of school tomorrow, then the alarm gets turned off and we can enjoy the holidays without having to rush everywhere!
Whew - that was a big list, time for a bowl of icecream with fresh raspberries! :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm an Auntie!

... ok still in a state of shock here ..... but my brother and his wife had a little baby girl this afternoon over in Melbourne. The little love is just over 9 weeks early, due date was early Feb, but everything is looking ok.
I just want to be on the next plane over there to see her! Hopefully we will have some photos through soon, but think that is probably the last thing on their minds at the moment.
I am sooo excited for them and luckily I have something I was saving for them in case it was a girl so that will be in the Christmas parcel that I send over tomorrow!
Must off as want to go and make a cute baby card now!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Woo Hoo

Here we go .... woo hoo for .....
* feeling 150% better than the weekend, the only good thing about being sick was the couple of kg that I lost but am sure with Christmas it will show up again soon - LOL!
* getting closer to a break from work, once this last job is out of the way
* having some time to scrap tonight - well will do when I get this post done
* receiving some cool goodies from SBO summer sale - 2 books and some magazines but these are part of my Christmas pressie so I have been good and not peeked ... yet!
* getting kids Christmas pressies and Emma's birthday pressies sorted.
* yummy Christmas mince pies for morning tea
* cool blog updates from Laura Vegas about her prize trip to CK HQ in Utah
* some very talented ladies in the scrapworld, and endless handmade gift ideas being printed off here for future reference
* Finn's class great performance at Assembly at school on friday
* Emma's trip to a local rest home today to sing caroles, they took along the goat that was visiting kindy for the day - LOL!
* and a big woohoo coz Finn gets his cast off in less than a week - it's beginning to smell a bit now!!

That's it for today, might get round to downloading some Santa pics tomorrow, but must go scrap now while I'm in the mood and have time :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

As promised ...

... a couple of pics of the tea party! Here is Miss Emma jumping in the picture, already with something in her mouth and all the girls weren't even there yet! Talk about eager, or was that hungry? LOL!

And here is candle time ... didn't realise that these are the candles that don't blow out easily - they keep relighting! Which from a photographer/scrapbooker point of view is actually brilliant coz I got 4 different shots of her blowing/reblowing the candles out!!!!
Emma had a brilliant time and got some gorgeous pressies from her wee mates.
Well our busy weekend is over and didn't actually go to plan. Lets just say I think I picked up a bit of a mild gastro/flu bug and have spent Thursday night thru til today with zero energy, a very achy body and lots of naps thru the days - argh! Did make it out to some of our planned events yesterday, but today slept this morning while Marty took the kids out to the car rally although I did venture out to the Santa Parade this afternoon. Feeling a bit better now but will just be taking it easy for the next few days ...
Needless to say no scrapping was achieved, christmas cards still left to be written ... maybe next weekend.
Thank you to Janine and Miss Meg for your Christmas cards, and also Trace for the blog award - I will endeavour to pass this on soon.
m :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Woo Hoo ...

A crazy week but I am here to woo hoo about it - LOL!
* a great work do on Saturday night - formal dinner in Otago Museum, with pre dinner drinks in the butterfly enclosure - very beautiful!
* setting up our Christmas tree, the kids loved being involved in this now that they are old enough to help
* having a 'tea party' today as an early celebration for Emma's 4th birthday in exactly a month
* Emma for being so brave as she is taking part in a sleep study for the University this week - involves being 'wired' up when she sleeps at night (in her own bed at home). After a few tears the first night she is all excited by it now!!
* Moro (our dog) finding her way home when she lost Marty on their morning run (she ran home over 3km's on her own), Marty quite anxious arrived home to get his bike to go searching for her - but there she was waiting in her kennel for him (with a duck that she had brought home as a pressie!)
* Prima goodness landing on my doorstep yesterday - yes my 3 different pails of white Primas - just gorgeous!

A very hectic weekend ahead but once that is over I will be able to relax and get excited about Christmas. Heck I might even manage to do some scrapping next week - LOL!
Will post some pics of the tea party tomorrow once I have downloaded them - got some good ones so will be a few layouts to complete with them :)