Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Woo Hoo ...

A crazy week but I am here to woo hoo about it - LOL!
* a great work do on Saturday night - formal dinner in Otago Museum, with pre dinner drinks in the butterfly enclosure - very beautiful!
* setting up our Christmas tree, the kids loved being involved in this now that they are old enough to help
* having a 'tea party' today as an early celebration for Emma's 4th birthday in exactly a month
* Emma for being so brave as she is taking part in a sleep study for the University this week - involves being 'wired' up when she sleeps at night (in her own bed at home). After a few tears the first night she is all excited by it now!!
* Moro (our dog) finding her way home when she lost Marty on their morning run (she ran home over 3km's on her own), Marty quite anxious arrived home to get his bike to go searching for her - but there she was waiting in her kennel for him (with a duck that she had brought home as a pressie!)
* Prima goodness landing on my doorstep yesterday - yes my 3 different pails of white Primas - just gorgeous!

A very hectic weekend ahead but once that is over I will be able to relax and get excited about Christmas. Heck I might even manage to do some scrapping next week - LOL!
Will post some pics of the tea party tomorrow once I have downloaded them - got some good ones so will be a few layouts to complete with them :)


Vicki said...

Looking forward to the tea party pictures. As for Moro, obviously just wanted to stop for a snack on the way home. LOL

Beverley said...

What a clever Moro doggy! And I'm waiting on those tea party pics too. :o)

Trace said...

Ain't that a labrador for you....thinking of food! At least she stopped to get the duck, Milo walks straight past them! Sounds like a great night out, what a cool place to hold it.

mandyb said...

love the dog story - how cute.... also loving the idea of the event in the butterfly enclosure!!!!! all the best for the crazy weekend... Mine is the same.. so see you on the other side

angel gurl said...

awwww that Moror is a clever thing and its good that she made it home safe and sound and with a pressie for dad. Sounds like the tea party was a hit, can't wait to see photos. The butterlfy enclosure sounded like it was a beautiful place to have a function. Have a great weekend.

Hannah said...

Yes, I'm another who wants to see tea party photos! :-)
The sleep study sounds very interesting ... I used to write in that area, so quite curious about it! Sounds like Emma is very brave, hopefully the study will have great results and lead to amazing developments!

Anonymous said...

Wow brave girl doing the sleep study, we have to get a wee one done on charli at home and I am dreading being able to keep the thing on her finger to record her.
Sounds like you have had some fun busy times too.
P.s. Your kids are way too cute irl too