Friday, June 29, 2012

I am still here ...

... just been busy (aren't we all) and to be honest I'm not really sure where the past couple of months have gone ... unbelieveable that we are halfway through the year!!!!

So since last time I blogged (back in mid April I think) lots has happened ...
- my birthday and Dunedin Scrap Camp - same weekend and perfect way to spend the my day!
- a new 'hobby' as co-coach of Emma's netball team ;)
- finally getting on the right track with Finn's learning issues
- busy days at work with financial year end
- enjoying my fitness journey with gym sessions
- and more recently a trip to Auck for Lady Gaga and then to Melb to spend time with my nieces.

Whew - maybe that is where my time has gone!

Right I have a rare day off before a few more very busy weeks - so I am off to pull out the scrap gear (wipe the dust off it) and to have a play ... got a few challenges listed down that I want to try and complete over this weekend.

And I promise I will be back soon with some more detailed updates (with pics) of what I have been up to.