Sunday, July 19, 2009

A month almost flown by ...

... since my last post, am not exactly sure why this year is managing to disappear so quickly!
School holidays are basically over now and we have survived. We had a trip to Invers to see my parents and Emma went along to her first major netball game. She loved the 'bangers' and didn't get too bored with the game - but thank goodness it wasn't any longer!
The kids stayed down with my parents for a few days which they all enjoyed. Unfortunately I didn't get much time to enjoy the peace as had work hours to get done for the week, but this meant that I could have a couple of days off with the kids when they got home.
So we did bike rides to the local library...
Carrying home only a limited number of books ...
Had some chilly weather, including bumper frosts that made this little garden ornament look a bit funny with an extra layer of icy fuzz!
We baked and made some yummy biscuits and a load of cupcakes ...

... and to top it all off we had a crazy night of earthquakes, just a tad scary!!
But something I have noticed with the holidays this time, and it might be because the kids are getting older, but the volume of the noise has increased dramatically! They have been playing nicely togther, no major fights but some days I just wish I could have found their 'mute' buttons!! LOL!
Am pretty excited at the week to come, 5 sleeps to go til my little adventure across the ditch. The six weeks since I booked the tickets has flown past, now just have to ensure travel insurance is sorted and get some money changed over. Have a couple of things on the 'to do' list, and thanks to my brothers planning this list is growing. We now have tickets to P!NK's concert on Thursday night (30th) and then hope to go to Sandown on Friday (31st) for the qualifying day of V8 race cars.
On the creating front I have actually spent a bit of time going through all of the kids layouts, adding journalling and dates where there was none. Also finding where I have gaps and now plan on going through the pile of photos and filling in those gaps with new layouts. I don't want to scrap every photo of have of the kids but amd trying to aim for one a month for them - well at least for the first two years. After I have this sorted I will be getting some new albums and filing these away in order.
Have been doing some new creating today but you will have to wait a couple of weeks to see some of it ;)