Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back again!

OK, so after being slack with the blogging I thought I'd drop in again today - surprise! LOL!

Forgot another couple of woo hoo's yesterday:
* woo hoo for Warehouse Stationery having 25% of Fiskars stuff - finally got me a new paper trimmer for only $20!
* woo hoo for KMart having 15% of scrapping stuff, hence a new Extra Large squeeze punch - a 2" circle now sitting on my scrap table :)

Now here is my go at this tidbit that is on most peoples blogs - has been great getting to know you all a little better :)

10 years ago - I was 24, had just graduated from uni and was studying for my professional exams, travelling to Auckland once a month to spend time with Marty whose job had been relocated (worked out great as we got engaged at the end of that year)

5 things to do today - done today - made lunches, work, made tea, washing, updating blog
- for tomorrow - groceries, cleaning day, Finn to hairdessers, blogging & scrapping (LOL!)

Snacks I enjoy - chocolate, bagel chips, hummus, red liquorice

Things I would do if I was a millioniare - BUY A CRICUT and all the catridges and all the other cool scrapping gear on my wish list! Then pay the mortgage, go on a huge holiday etc...

Places I have lived - Invercargill, Dunedin, Auckland, Birmingham UK, Mosgiel

Off now to finish watching Army Wives, then going to curl up in bed and read some more of Ali Edwards book :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

Yes I know I have been slack on the blog for the last week, but am checking in again for Woo Hoo Wednesday!

You know the day is going to be good when you see such a beautiful sky in the morning! Gorgeous purple and orange across the morning sky ... yes I know the wee ryhme - 'red sky at night shepherds delight, red sky in the morning shepherds warning'. But the weather wasn't actually that bad today, yes it was chilly but no snow showers like yesterday :)

Woo Hoo for
* buying the new CK mag and getting last months free (which I hadn't bought)
* yummy mixed berry muffin for lunch
* yummy warm flannette sheets on the bed on a snowy frosty night
* the inspiration I am getting reading Ali Edwards Life Artist book

I was catching up on Janines blog and read the story about her glory box. This reminded me of a bit of Ali's book that I was reading about looking at the treasures you have around you and recording the story behind them. So here is my glory box ...

I inherited this when I was about 17 years old from my Grandma. My grandparents were having a tidy up and Mum said that they were not to chuck this out and so paid for them to freight in down from Auckland to Invercargill. My Grandfather trained as a cabinet maker before following a life path with the Salvation Army, and he made this for my Grandma for her 21st birthday, she is now 82 years old. Sadly my Grandad passed away about 11 years ago so it is so special to have this treasure he made in my home.

Hope you are all snuggled up nice and warm wherever you are


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

A little late, but it's still Wednesday!

Woo hoo for
*my girlfriend and her wee girl round for tea - they have been living in the States for the last year, so has been a while since we caught up!
* for the 2 bottles of Prima flowers she bought me from the States!
* for getting the Week 3 challenge for 'So you think you can scrap' done and dusted last night in an hour and a bit!
* for yummy warm fires on still frosty nights!

So I have been tagged by Beverley, so here goes ...

5 things found in my bag
1- wallet
2 - Impulse spray
3 - small pkts of raisins
4 - voucher for Farmers
5 - mobile phone earpiece thing
5 favourite things in my craft room
1 - my new Ali Edwards book :)
2 - my Cuttlebug
3 - a stack of sketches I printed out
4 - big jar of paint brushes
5 - my wee suitcase of HeroArt stamps
5 things I always wanted to do
1 - Walk the Milford Track
2 - Bike the Central Otago rail trail
3 - Take a carriage ride through Central Park in NY
4 - Take a proper photography course
5 - Build a house
5 things I am currently in to
1 - scrapbooking
2 - cupcakes
3 - photography
4 - stamping
5 - altered art
5 people I am tagging
1 - Meg
2 - Megan
3 - Julie
4 - Tanya Leigh
5 - Mrs Frizz

well enough from me tonight, am off for a quick surf of the scrappy sites then off to snuggle in my nice warm bed!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Proud Mummy moment ...

Look at my boy - player of the day for his Rippa Rugby team!
Marty headed down to Milton with Finn for a wee friendly game of Rippa Rugby. Later in the morning I got a very excited phonecall:
'Mum, I won the Piston Cup!'
'The what?'
'The Piston Cup - I was player of the day!'
Well, for those of you with young kids you will know that the Piston Cup is the one Lightning McQueen is racing for in the Cars movie. This is Finn's all time favourite movie, he loves watching it, and now thinks every cup out there is called the 'Piston Cup'! LOL!

And this layout is one for's Friday night Challenge. The gallery didn't like me tonight so I couldn't register to upload it, so here it is here ...

Very very simple, but I like it :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fabulous Friday!

Yippee for balmy winter days! Not super warm but lovely to see the sun for more than 5 minutes, in fact we saw it all day!!

Yippee for my local supermarket which made these yummy cupcakes today :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

So ..... I think I can scrap!

I am participating in the lastest comp over at SBD - So you think you can scrap! It has been a challenge doing a layout in someone else's style but I am enjoying it. The level of entries is absolutely amazing - I am in awe of some of these fellow scrappers! So here are my entries for the last two weeks:
Week One: Meek style - I chose the very minimal look she sometimes has:
Week Two: Kelly (aka memoryfairy) style
A few more weeks to go, so watch for more layouts in the coming weeks!
Here is also a wee card I did for a challenge from HeroArts blog a couple of weeks ago - the challenge was circles. The tree I made by cutting a circle from cardstock then running thru the cuttlebug with the circle embossing plate and adding buttons for decoration, and of course stamping with my wee monkey from my HeroArt stamps. Lots of fun to make:)

I missed WooHoot Wednesday - but today I had to have a wee giggle. We did a behavioural test thing for work, you know the one where you are either a Peacock/Eagle/Dove/Owl type. Well I came out as an Owl - LOL! (And part Dove). Yes I am one of those quiet caring types who prefers to sit back out of the limelight - well most of the time - LOL!

Night :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

My mojo is back!

Have been lacking in the scrapping mojo lately, but now IT'S BACK! Have completed 4 layouts in the last 36 hours!!
So are three of them:
These two are for the Celebrity Sketch Challenge at Sketchbooknz - (still a few days to go so go and check it out):

Zoom - fastest page completed ever - LOL!! Pics taken on Friday when DH and I went a did Hot Laps in a NZ V8 race car!

Game On - Finn's rippa rugby pics from Carisbrook training day with Otago Highlanders.

And a random cheeky layout of Emma :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

F.... F.... Far-out Friday!

Whew ... I'm still in one piece! What an amazing ride at 200+km an hour strapped very tightly into the very small passenger seat of a NZ V8 holden car!
We had a last minute change of plan and ended up racing down at Teretonga racetrack in Invercargill.
It didn't actually feel like we were going that quick but wooooo the force pushing you back and sideways in your seat when going round the corners was amazing! It was also really hot just doing the few laps that I did, would be worse racing in those conditions for an hour +!
Here are a few pics from my laps ...

So with that now marked off my bucket list I will have to decide what I want to try now ... :)
And yes of course I need to scrap those pics in a layout as well! - LOL!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

The week has rolled around again, very quickly!

My Woo Hoo's this week:

* finally finished my french knitting cupcake! Made a block with 8 nails, so put dacron inside the 'tail' to keep it's shape. Mini buttons for sprinkles and stuck corduroy material round a container as the bottom part.
* enjoyed a YUMMY roast beef meal the other night with all the trimmings, been soo long since we have cooked one - it was delicious!
* had a great relaxing long weekend doing nothing! Just mucking round home with the kids, was lots of fun.

..... and, the biggy .....

this friday I get to make something off my bucket list! (ie the list of things I want to do before I ... you know!).
Having grown up in a house with a Dad and brothers who love to watch car racing, I had decided that I would love to have a go in a race car. More precisely I have always wanted to do 'hotlaps' in a V8 race car - ie you sit strapped into the passenger seat of the car (complete with overalls and helmet) while the driver races you around the circuit - very fast! I know it's not for everyone and come Friday morning I will probably be having second thoughts, but it's all planned. DH and I are heading to Timaru with a few others, to the Levels racetrack for a few terrifying laps in one of the NZ V8 cars.
So stay tuned for Friday's 'F....F.... Far-out Friday post' - LOL!