Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

A little late, but it's still Wednesday!

Woo hoo for
*my girlfriend and her wee girl round for tea - they have been living in the States for the last year, so has been a while since we caught up!
* for the 2 bottles of Prima flowers she bought me from the States!
* for getting the Week 3 challenge for 'So you think you can scrap' done and dusted last night in an hour and a bit!
* for yummy warm fires on still frosty nights!

So I have been tagged by Beverley, so here goes ...

5 things found in my bag
1- wallet
2 - Impulse spray
3 - small pkts of raisins
4 - voucher for Farmers
5 - mobile phone earpiece thing
5 favourite things in my craft room
1 - my new Ali Edwards book :)
2 - my Cuttlebug
3 - a stack of sketches I printed out
4 - big jar of paint brushes
5 - my wee suitcase of HeroArt stamps
5 things I always wanted to do
1 - Walk the Milford Track
2 - Bike the Central Otago rail trail
3 - Take a carriage ride through Central Park in NY
4 - Take a proper photography course
5 - Build a house
5 things I am currently in to
1 - scrapbooking
2 - cupcakes
3 - photography
4 - stamping
5 - altered art
5 people I am tagging
1 - Meg
2 - Megan
3 - Julie
4 - Tanya Leigh
5 - Mrs Frizz

well enough from me tonight, am off for a quick surf of the scrappy sites then off to snuggle in my nice warm bed!


Angel Gurl said...

Thanks for playing Mich. Oh two bottles of prima now thats very cool but even better was you catching up with your friend. Well done on getting your layout completed I flagged it lol, I know I am a quitter but I just decided I want to scrap for me.....enjoyed reading your wee list there.

Beverley said...

Two bottles of prima ... you must be a special friend! Are the raisins in your bag for you or the small people?

Anonymous said...

Must have been great catching up with your friend. Yay for the Prima too.

Well done on doing the layout for the competition - good luck.

Trace said...

The Milford Track...great photos you would get doing that...all the best for the competion.

Lara said...

mmmm cupcakes! just made some chocolate chilli ones and some vanilla ones... DH thinks he can Ice them better than me so these are his 'exam' LOL.