Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

Yes I know I have been slack on the blog for the last week, but am checking in again for Woo Hoo Wednesday!

You know the day is going to be good when you see such a beautiful sky in the morning! Gorgeous purple and orange across the morning sky ... yes I know the wee ryhme - 'red sky at night shepherds delight, red sky in the morning shepherds warning'. But the weather wasn't actually that bad today, yes it was chilly but no snow showers like yesterday :)

Woo Hoo for
* buying the new CK mag and getting last months free (which I hadn't bought)
* yummy mixed berry muffin for lunch
* yummy warm flannette sheets on the bed on a snowy frosty night
* the inspiration I am getting reading Ali Edwards Life Artist book

I was catching up on Janines blog and read the story about her glory box. This reminded me of a bit of Ali's book that I was reading about looking at the treasures you have around you and recording the story behind them. So here is my glory box ...

I inherited this when I was about 17 years old from my Grandma. My grandparents were having a tidy up and Mum said that they were not to chuck this out and so paid for them to freight in down from Auckland to Invercargill. My Grandfather trained as a cabinet maker before following a life path with the Salvation Army, and he made this for my Grandma for her 21st birthday, she is now 82 years old. Sadly my Grandad passed away about 11 years ago so it is so special to have this treasure he made in my home.

Hope you are all snuggled up nice and warm wherever you are



Anonymous said...

Fabulous photo Michelle. Love your glory box too - you are very lucky to have inherited it and with such a lovely story behind it.

Meg McKenzie said...

What a great story Mich - I see a layout based around that story and photo! Great to see you back blogging!!

Mrs Frizz said...

Snuggled up down here ... been a little on the cold side - just quietly.

Love your glory box ... a special treasure and a special memory for you to SCRAP ...

Trace said...

Love the history that goes with your glory box Mich - how fortunate you are that your family thought to hold onto it for you. And yay for flanelette sheets!

Hannah said...

Gorgeous photo, Mich. And what a lovely story behind your glory box. Mine looked very similar to yours but was made from oak so a bit darker in colour.
Totally agree about the flannelette sheets, I am loving ours at the moment!

Angel Gurl said...

whooo hooot Chick, love that sunset, thats a stunner. Thanks for playing. Aww that glory box is beautiful and what a great layout that will make.

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a great photo Mich. I had a glory box like that but no more sadly. Great story behind it Mich, def a layout in the making there.:)