Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tis the season!

I never knew putting up the Christmas tree could be such hard work! The thing is I put up the tree and then these ones felt like they needed a rest - including the dog! But anyway yes the tree is up early, thought the with Sunday being the 25th, exactly one month to go that this was enough of an excuse to get out the decorations!
On the creative front I got together with a few friends last week and made this cool paper bag gift book! Made from paper bags, lots of little pockets to fill with goodies. I made mine with a christmas theme in mind - could easily be decorated for a birthday or other special event - VERY COOL!

On a positive note my photo printer is now printing again - yeah! Now I can finish off some projects and start on some others.

Oh yeah and a cute saying to end the post - Emma (almost 3) spied my newly painted toenails at the weekend and had a puzzled look on her face, then came the question "Mum, what you got lipstick on your toes for?" - so cute, yip you guessed it a layout on this is in the pipeline!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Friday Night Challenge!

Megan posted a great Friday Night Challenge - scrap your favourite recipe! I decided to use my fav dessert recipe - banoffi pie. But alas I had no pics, so in the name of my art I made my banoffi pie on Saturday especially to take a photo of it for my recipe card. This is the final pic:

This is the back of the recipe card, pic of ingredients is yet to be printed and stuck on (as had a problem with my photo printer).
Then today, the lovely Megan drew my name out as the winner of this challenge! Very excited about that even if I am feeling slighly sick after eating too much banoffi pie over the weekend - well I couldn't let it go to waste! ( I did have others help me eat it - not that greedy to eat it all myself!!)