Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tis the season!

I never knew putting up the Christmas tree could be such hard work! The thing is I put up the tree and then these ones felt like they needed a rest - including the dog! But anyway yes the tree is up early, thought the with Sunday being the 25th, exactly one month to go that this was enough of an excuse to get out the decorations!
On the creative front I got together with a few friends last week and made this cool paper bag gift book! Made from paper bags, lots of little pockets to fill with goodies. I made mine with a christmas theme in mind - could easily be decorated for a birthday or other special event - VERY COOL!

On a positive note my photo printer is now printing again - yeah! Now I can finish off some projects and start on some others.

Oh yeah and a cute saying to end the post - Emma (almost 3) spied my newly painted toenails at the weekend and had a puzzled look on her face, then came the question "Mum, what you got lipstick on your toes for?" - so cute, yip you guessed it a layout on this is in the pipeline!


Shell said...

Love your paper bag album!!! They're so much fun to make too :) And definitely LOL about the lipstick comment!!!

Hannah said...

Putting up the tree is a lot like that in our house too ... I try to rope in the whole family to help, I play Christmas music, I wear a Santa hat ... but then they say "I'm tired!" and I have to basically do the whole thing. Oh well, luckily I enjoy it! Ours is going up on Saturday.

Great paper bag album - just lovely!

LOL at the lipstick comment, that is sooo cute & funny!!

Janine said...

okay I am just tired reading that it went up on the 25th lol. We are a Dec 1 tradition here lol. Normally I do it all as Mike is not a big xmas fan lol. So we compromise I put the three up and he puts up with it lol. Lippy on your nails now there is a thought! Funny how children see nail polish on toes. :-). Love your paper bag album, very cute.

Mrs Frizz said...

Love the lippy on your toenails ... how cute is that ... out of the mouth of babes.

Vicki said...

Loving the album - that is very cool. As for the tree I think maybe its like that in everyones house - Mum ends up doing it!!!