Monday, January 26, 2009

Project 365

is coming along nicely. Album refills ordered (am getting We R Memory Keepers ones from Scrappin' Patch), pdf's downloaded from Becky's blog, and am slowly getting photos selected, collages made for some days. Still yet to print them off, hopefully later in the week.

So here are a selection of my daily shots:

3rd Jan - Miss Emma with her cake while everyone sings Happy Birthday to her

12th Jan - kids playing nicely together

19th Jan - a day scrapping

23rd Jan - HOT Day here!

I will post more pics once I have refills, photos printed and it all compiled. Hopefully next week ;)

On the topic of the weather it is a bit cooler today, still high 20's but a lot better than the mid 30's we had Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday. I don't like that type of muggy heat because it is so exhausting, so hence didn't get very much achieved on those days. Felt very sorry for hubby on Saturday, his community group was helping man the gates and parking co-ordination at the local A&P show. It was soooooo hot all day and even I waited until late arvo to go down for a look. I actually entered a couple of layouts and two mini albums in the A&P exhibits. I got a second placing for one of my layouts and a first for one of the mini albums - was really stoked about that! Might enter some other craft categories next year, and also get the kids to make some projects too that we can enter.

Well on that note must be off, dinner to cook and then the final clean-up after changing both kids rooms round today. Also need to find something to photograph for today!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Movie night Wednesday

One of the things I enjoyed at the weekend without the kids was being able to watch a dvd from start to finish with no interuptions! Yes as silly as it sounds - LOL! I finally got to see Juno and loved it!
A really cool soundtrack and I loved the first song "All I want is you' check it out here:
I don't get chance to get into the movies in town much these days, bit hard to work out a time to go and have kids sorted, then add in travel time (20 min to town from here), then finding a park etc - and then the price of going to the movies nowadays! So after watching the dvd at the weekend I have decided to have a regular movie/dvd night at home this year - part of my taking time to 'play' focus this year. Hubby has a community group meeting most wednesday nights and I am at home on my own in these evenings, so I have decided that this will be my 'Movie Night Wednesday'.
To kick it off I went for a great kiwi movie last night - 'Second Hand Wedding'. Thought it was really cool, love that little yellow mini car!!

So now here is a question for all my blog lurkers - what movies would you recommend that I watch on my upcoming Movie Night Wednesday's?
I am not really into action/horrors, I like historic type movies as well as the comedy ones. The only one on my must see list is due out in a couple of weeks - The Duchess.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Decluttering ....

I decided this year I wanted to start the year a bit more organised than before - hence the need to declutter, simplify spaces and storage areas! So just about all done now - I have a pile of rubbish to go to the dump, old handme down furniture to go, and clothes for the charity bin. I must say I am very pleased with my efforts. Have simplified my scrap area and think this has helped give me a bit of a creative boost as have managed to finish off 4 layouts yesterday, and have another 3 on the go at the moment - and a few project ideas floating round in the head too! OK so this productivity is not all due to the declutter but also to the fact of having no kids round too :) But is saying that it is much tooo quiet round this house, no morning smiles/giggles from two little people bursting into my room, and no cuddles in bed watching the morning news followed by cartoons. No impromptu hugs and little helpers round the house, so as much as it has been a great weekend with hubby, I am looking forward to the kids coming home this afternoon! Yes I am nuts and probably by Thursday I'll be wanting the peace and quiet again - LOL!
The weekend though was great amongst my decluttering - tea out on Friday night, a couple of hours in town on Saturday, watching a whole dvd uninterupted (not a kids one too!), and being able to go for a walk the dog together in the evening. And also for me a day and a bit to myself to muck round sorting out my decluttered scrap space and work on my scrap layouts - fun :)
So must away, while I still have time to myself ........ might have some pics to post next time ....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Productive 'play' time

I have been contemplating this whole project 365 thing ..... I finally decided tonight to give it a go. BUt some of the days this year have just had far to many photos to pick one to represent the day - so I thought a collage might do. Problem being I still hadn't figured out how to do a collage in Picasa - but as you can see below I have been 'playing' tonight and here you have it .... my collage shot of Wed 7th January - my boys playing silly buggers with the camera!! LOL!
Have added the date in Picasa - have chosen a font I like and will stick with this. Have setup a separate folder to put photos in, so I can upload to USB stick and take in to get printed when I am heading into town. Going to spend some time tomorrow looking at the journalling blocks etc that I downloaded from Becky's blog - then I should be away racing! Still have to order the page protectors though, but not vital to have them all now.
Other big news, I am now childless - well for the next few days anyway. The kids have gone up to have another holiday with my inlaws in Alex, they will be home on Tuesday. Is so strange being at home without them, but I am going to enjoy my next few days of uninterrupted sleep in's, breakfast in bed, maybe a meal out (or two), and then on Monday when hubby is at work - maybe a whole day of scrapping!! Now that deserves a big WOO HOO!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hi de ho Bloggers!

I'm back, relaxed, refreshed and rearing to get stuck into 2009! Amazing what a good break away will do, clears out the cobwebs and gets you excited about getting back into life ... even the everyday boring stuff!!

Just back today after two and a bit weeks of camping with a group of family and friends at a school camp just out of Bannockburn in Central Otago, and to say it was great is an understatement. It was one of the best holidays we have had. Great company, beautiful weather, amazing scenery, great facilities ..... aaahhhhhh :) can you tell I enjoyed myself??!

So while away I had time to contemplate what I wanted to achieve in 2009. The first thing to decide on was my word for the year ... PLAY - not to take life so seriously and to take time to play. So along that theme I spent a bit of time while away 'playing' with my camera and a couple of letters I found in a shop in Old Cromwell .....

This is the view of the camp from down by the pool - the water was a tad chilly but did spend a bit of time in it yesterday to cool off from the 30+ degree temperature!

... and another view ...

... and my human version of PLAY (using the YMCA song as inspiration)!!!!! Special thanks to my hubby, Auntie and 2 cousins for 'playing' along with me - LOL!

Then taking time to put my 'word' into action ...

Emma and I on the charlift above Queenstown, then ....

the luge race back down!!!! A lot of fun had that day!

So what words have you decided on for this year?

Now back to reality ... lots of photos to print off over the next few days and then want to get stuck back into scrapping. Will also be catching up on blogs over the next few days .... ummm 300 odd posts to read so might take me awhile - LOL!

So off now to hang up a load of washing, tomorrow will be spent doing more washing, cleaning a very dirty car, mowing the 3 weeks worth of growing grass and finding my garden under all those weeds - but first will be a night sleeping in my own comfy big bed .....aaaahhhhh!