Monday, September 29, 2008

A week in my life ...

so I am giving Ali Edwards challenge a go, will try and post a few pics here during the week. Although it is school hoildays it is pretty much a normal week for me, still got to go to work :(
So here is the first pic of the day - a very stormy looking sky over the Railway station this morning - didn't come to much this morning but we have had some heavy rain tonight.
Opps, pics a little out of order - but here is dressup pic from this arvo
An outing to the Hi5 circus show this morning - yeah I know I probably should not have been taking pics, but I needed something to scrapbook - right?!
And a little pic from the weekend - Alexandra's Bossom Festival. Thought it was going to be a washout as the weather turned pretty nasty on Saturday morning, but fined up enough for the parade to go ahead an hour later than planned. A very beautiful backdrop when the cloud cleared - snow down to very low levels on the surrounding hills - brrrrr! Have a few more pics of the floats, might add them later ;)
well, off now to get sorted for work tomorrow :( would prefer to be staying home with the kiddies, but not much work left for the year and then I can have the summer holidays off ;)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A budding artist?

This time the art made it onto a piece of paper, not the back of the lounge door like last time - LOL!
I picked Emma the other day and she had created this beautiful painting of a daffodil - pretty good work for a 3 1/2 yr old!!
I have made some cards with this pic on it to send to the grandparents :)

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

WooHoo for:
* 16 sleeps til SENZ - a bit like waiting for Christmas - LOL!
* two more days of term left then school holidays
* going to Alexandra for Blossom Festival this weekend
* on Sunday had our first bbq for the 'season' - well hubby cooked it so yeah for not having to cook - LOL!
* finding out Emma can start morning kindy at the beginning of next term
* my tulips starting to flower in the garden

Just a short post tonight, off to get tea ready for some hungry little people!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Got to take some of usual spring pics today - the kids amongst the daffodils. They have massive plantings of all different varieties near the Oval in Dunedin, just gorgeous!
So here is my little petal...
And both kids .... just thousands and thousands of flowers :)
Then we headed to the Farmers market at the Railway Station and ended up going for a ride on this ...
They were running trips out to Sawyers Bay and back, the kids loved it!
Have been a bit productive tonight completing two simple cards, one layout and another in the pipeline.

Oh yeah Janine I made a bad move today - I went into my local big scrap shop coz I wanted to see what they were doing at the 'scrapcamp' they were running this weekend- I know, I know, too much temptation - BUT I didn't buy anything! Whew ... only 20 more sleeps til I can spend up large at SENZ! LOL!

Have a great rest of the weekend - we have a bbq planned for tomorrow night so hope this nice weather holds.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WooHoo Wednesday

Woo Hoo for:
* having a girls weekend away
* spring and all the lovely blossom (ah-choo!) and daffs flowering everywhere (did I mention ah-choo! lol! damn hayfever!)
* gorgeous cuddles from my kids, makes any day a great one!
* warm temperatures - 25 degrees yesterday!!!
* getting out walking in the evenings
* only 23 more sleeps til SENZ

Monday, September 15, 2008


I had a great weekend away with the girls in Oamaru - a bit of shopping, eating out, a few drinks - a fun relaxing time!
Love the old buildings in the bright white Oamaru stone ...

And no better way to enjoy part of a gorgeous day by spending time overlooking the Moeraki harbour eating fresh blue cod - am so excited that it is starting to really feel like spring/summer!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

Woo Hoo for:
* yesterday being my first blog-versary! LOL!
* today being Wednesday, yeah one more day of work
* my afternoon cuppa while catching up on everyones blogs
* only two more days til my 3 day girls weekend to the big metropolis of Oamaru!
* Finn writing his first story at school without help and not copying something written for him already - and you can actually read it and it is all spelt right. His teacher was most impressed :)
* completing week 3 challenge for Sketchbook Olympics - see layout below.

LOve the photo is this layout - taken at the Tropical Forst at The Otago Museum, love the look of wonder on Finn's face as he looks up at the butterflies that were actually flying above him.

Off to makes Finn's fav meal for tea - yip Mac Cheese again!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Woo hoo Wednesday

Well time has rolled around again!

Woo Hoo for:
* Spring!
* warm temperatures, yeah I know it's started raining again this arvo but we had 22 degrees yesterday arvo and it was brilliant! :)
* daffodils flowering in the garden
* finishing the last of our garden tidyup
* catching up with old friends
* feeling almost normal again after a bad head/sinus cold over the last 5 days
* finding a copy of For Keeps mag at local bookshop - looks great and will read this tonight

Am loving this warmer weather, got out on Sunday arvo and painted some trelliss's in the back garden - wearing a singlet tshirt and 3/4 pants! Big whoo hoo for that! The kids are also loving being able to get outside on their bikes and back into the sandpit again - only downside of that is finding piles of sand inside when they take off shoes, or clothes and it all falls out of the pockets! LOL!

Unfortunately didn't manage to complete week 2 of the Sketchbook Olympics, head just wasn't in the right place for anything creative in the scraproom. But am liking this weeks challenge so will have to go and have a wee play tonight.

Happy Birthday today to one of blog/online friends Sarah Jane - if you want some inspiration be sure to check out her blog - some gorgeous stamping and cards going on there! :)