Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WooHoo Wednesday

Woo Hoo for:
* having a girls weekend away
* spring and all the lovely blossom (ah-choo!) and daffs flowering everywhere (did I mention ah-choo! lol! damn hayfever!)
* gorgeous cuddles from my kids, makes any day a great one!
* warm temperatures - 25 degrees yesterday!!!
* getting out walking in the evenings
* only 23 more sleeps til SENZ


Angel Gurl said...

great list and wow at 25 degrees I have just been happy with 17 23 sleeps till snez thats not long now.

Trace said...

LOL on the counting down...I'm just thinking it's the end of term next week! With you on the hayfever, don't mind the sneezing, but the itchy eyes, ears and throat, now they drive me nuts!

Roo said...

Except for tha hayfever - cool happy list. Summer is a coming!!!

Beverley said...

It just occurred to me that I get to meet you in 23 sleeps ... yay for SENZ.

Anonymous said...

Great list there Mich and have fun at SENZ. :)

mummymoo said...

25 deg far out that is warm almost tee shirt weather :)

Yay for daffs, bumms about hay fever tho, poor you that is rotten......

SENZ sigh maybe next year but I hope you have the bestest time and YAY 23 more sleeps that is so cool!!