Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WOW ... inspired ...

Hello peoples ...
I was lucky enough to head up to Timaru the weekend before last to Artfull Crafts for a weekend being inspired by the amazing Donna Downey. All I can say is ... 'wow' ... Donna is such a funny lady, and so inspiring and with a real passion for helping teach techniques and ideas.
I did 3 classes with her over the weekend, the first being '40 techniques for art journals' - this was alot of different uses of paints, inks, pan pastels, stencils, stamps, bubblewrap, gladwrap, tinfoil, cardboard tubes ... very cool and I now have a journal with all these techniques as a reference for future art journals. We had a preprinted sticker to add to each page as a reminder of how we got each effect. This class was 6 hours long, but it really whizzed by.

The next class on Saturday evening was a canvas class ... this used some of the techniques we learnt in the art journal class ... great to see how these worked together ... and here is the final product ... I personally love it!

And here I am with my finished canvas and the amazing Donna ...

On Sunday morning we completed a vintage album ... quite simple materials but they have an amazing effect when all combined ... this is an album I will be creating again soon!
The pages were corrugated card, with calico fabric, sacking material, a few tags, a frame, a bit of prima and there you have it ;)

Now that the weather has turned colder I am finding my creative mojo coming back ... maybe I'm just a winter scrapper? I sat down on Sunday for a couple of hours and completed the journalling on 2 layouts and then created and finished another 2 layouts. And now with a long weekend coming up I plan to get a few more created.

This weekend I am also endeavouring to clean out the cupboard in the spare room/craft room/office ... you know the type of cupboard ... the one the gets everything thrown in it - haha. I have a ton of old scrapbook stuff that I want to sort through ... Emma might end up with a  her art trolley ... and a box I will give to someone I know who is starting to scrapbook.

So what are you up to for the weekend?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A spot of sewing fun ...

.. as well as collecting pretty papers, I also have a small (ish) collections of gorgeous fabrics ... hehehe!

After getting some ideas from Pinterest and Etsy I decided to attempt to create some funky mini cushions ... and here is the proof of my efforts ...

I think my sewing machine seriously needs a bit of a tune-up (the tension is all over the place!) ... maybe it's been 'sewing' a bit too much paper in the past and not enough fabric!!
I have been enjoying a crisp autumn day here, but now the sun has slipped down behind the hills it's time to crank up that fire and snuggle in for the night .

Friday, May 10, 2013

Let's give this another go ...

... *wiping the dust away* ...

Yes I know it's been awhile since I was here, thanks for the reminder a few weeks ago Kim! ;) ... but I'm here in the background ... going round in circles sometimes ... the creative mojo is there somewhere (maybe under the dust - haha) ... but have decided to give myself a kick into action!

I am being a little crafty (sometimes) ... I'm putting together a Project Life album for 2013 ... not with any specific kit, just a mixture of papers, journalling cards and bits I already have. So many manufacturers have some cool papers out there at the moment that lend themselves to be used in this format. I am planning on catching up the last month over the weekend so will post some pics soon.

I have also done a little bit of the traditional 12x12 layouts, not as many as what I used to do a few years ago ... just find that I feel like I am too far behind if I try and scrap everything ... so now I just pick the special ocassions or my favourtite photos. I have a couple too that I might share over the weekend.

I have done a little sewing too - made some cool mini cushions ... however think my little machine might need a bit of a tune up and a service before I do too much more.

I am aiming to update this blog a bit more regularly (and don't you laugh Mrs F! I can hear you), I really think by posting on here I almost hold myself more accountable for getting things done ... finishing off projects that I start ... I think it might be the push I need!

So tomorrow (and the rest of the weekend) I plan to be crafty, to finish off a few projects, to get up to date on others and .... to get prepared for my encounter with a scrappy superstar next weekend ... will share more on that soon!