Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

Woo Hoo for:
* a long relaxing weekend at home
* long sleep-ins - yeah for hubby getting up with kids in the morning :)
* getting some scrappy projects underway (my print tray)
* some great weather to get garden sorted
* long afternoon walks with kids and home via the icecream shop
* getting scrappy mojo back
* tidied up scrap room so no excuse to procrastinate now ;)

This is my layout for the Friday night challenge at Skecthbooknz - buttons and a bit of stamping. This layout has beena longtime coming as took the pic months ago and have had it planned in my head for just as long - just needed that nudge of a challenge to get it done.

And one final layout created at the weekend - yes that is our dear Angelgurl playing Gran Tarismo on the Playstation over SENZ weekend while I was staying! No those are not pj's but her specialised racing suit! LOL!!
Later :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

A beaut weekend!

As my wee guy says 'It's a beaut day Mum!' and yes it was a beaut long weekend. Yes I know there was a bit of a blip on Saturday, but had stuff I wanted to do inside anyway so didn't mind what the weather was doing outside! Sunday and today have been brilliant, nice sunny skies and warm temperatures.
Saturdays job was 'cleaning' up the old printer tray I bought recently. Sanded back the rough edges then set about removing the old paper from and back of the small sections. the dirty areas below is the paper yet to be removed. Took about 3-4 hours but it turned out really good after all that sanding and scrubbing. This pic is halfway through the cleaning process ...

A recent purchase will help me cut out the right size photos and bits for the tray. Got a great deal on this punch at a local store where I had a loyalty discount voucher to use - was a very happy customer!!
A pic of the yummy tea (just before cooking it) we had on Friday to start the weekend - yummy homemade pizza - apricot sauce, shredded chicket, brie cheese, peppers and cashew nuts - yum yum!
And a nice drop that was re-released for the summer last week. Am not much of a beer drinker anymore (think I overdid it in my student days LOL!) but this is a nice drop on a hot ....... *happy sigh* ..... roll on summer ...... :)

Hope you all had a great weekend

Friday, October 24, 2008

A funny dog story ...

Was reading tonight and came across this story - very funny, and for anyone like me who owns a labrador you will realise how easy this could happen .....

Labrador lush guzzles 4 litres of wine
By EMMA BAILEY - Timaru Herald Friday, 24 October 2008

Roxy now knows excess alcohol can make you as sick as a dog.
The two-year-old labrador was left with a monster of a hangover last week after it drunk its way through four litres of cask wine.
Roxy's owner Anne went out to the garage last Wednesday night to discover two empty casks and Roxy snoring in the corner. Anne is a sales merchandiser for Independent Liquor and the casks were for a customer.
Roxy being a labrador and thinking there was a possibility of food had torn open the casks and proceeded to drink the wine up. It seems Mystic Ridge medium white wine really agreed with her palate....initially.
"She was fast asleep and snoring. When I realised what she had done I rang the vet who said to try and wake her and walk it off.
"She could not walk, her eyes were open but she could not move, so he told us to bring her in."
Highfield Veterinary Centre vet Bryan Gregor had never dealt with a drunk dog before.
"By the time I saw her at the clinic, she was comatose. She was lying flat on her side, and if she was a human, you would swear she was singing. I guess she was also telling me she was really, really sorry, I was the best friend she has ever had, and she will never do it again."
She was treated with fluids and left to sleep it off.
"In the morning the clinic smelt like a student flat on Saturday morning. Roxy was still asleep, raising her head occasionally and moaning.
"I guess it is at this stage that we should have offered her a Mays pie and a couple of Panadol. We opted for dog food which she ate with vigour."
During the day Roxy slowly became more responsive.
"When she could finally walk or should I say stagger, the girls took her outside for a walk. Staggering across the car park, she stopped in front of a tree, looked left and right, and promptly walked into it. I am supposing that she was still seeing two trees, and picked the wrong one."
Anne said when Roxy was taken home that afternoon, she got stuck halfway into her kennel, with her hind legs not working properly.
"When she first saw me she tried to jump up but fell backwards.
"By this stage I was laughing but it had been quite scary at the start especially when the vet did not know if she would survive overnight.
"The next day we took her for walk and she was not herself at all, she was puffed and didn't stray far. I guess she was hung over."
Anne estimates it took two-year-old Roxy until Monday this week to get back the spring in her paws and she's probably off alcohol for life.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Woo Hoo!

It's that time of the week again!!
Woo Hoo for:
* weekend away in Timaru with DH and friends
* girls trip on Saturday through to Tekapo and soaking in the new hotpools overlooking the lake
* new giant bottles of ice cream sauce from Barkers fruit shop in Geraldine
* a long weekend ahead at home
* Finn having a teachers only day on friday and getting to spend some one on one time with him
* Emma coming home from Kindy today without paint on her clothes!
* getting a new pack of Primas and Prima notepad (like those pages used for Nic's card class at SENZ)

This week has been a bit funny, found out my contract at work will finish at the end of next week. This has a down and up side, down being I will miss the social side of catching up with everyone at work but on the up side I will have more time at home to ... scrap! Hey I might actually get something achieved for a change!!

Am looking forward to the long weekend, have been away from home for 5 of the last 6 weekends - whew no wonder I am feeling tired! So time to relax, have a long lie in and laze round in my pj's! To scrap the evenings away and get some ideas that are floating in my head down on paper - or create them with paper - LOL! So hope that mojo is ready ...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday

And here it is Wednesday AGAIN! These weeks are flying by far too fast ... before you know it it will be Christmas ....
So my Woo Hoo's for this week are:
* having fun at SENZ
* staying with the lovely Janine and Mike
* catching up with the other forum girls and many others
* cool purchases - Mr Campy papers that I have been wanting for a while, lovely Imaginisce papers to decorate Emma's Castle Kaiser album among other things
* winning one of those new Fiskars finger knife at one of my classes
* lovely Wellington weather
* visiting the Kikki K store
* having a weekend filled with creativity and laughs - so much fun :)

And this leads me to a wee story from the weekend ... as you may have read on Janine's blog Mike bought himself a SENZ pressie as well - the Gran Tarismo playstation game and steering wheel. Well, growing up in a house with two brothers and father who loved motor racing, I had a go at the playstation game too - LOL! I then said to Janine - 'have a go' - 'no no' she said 'I don't drive'. To cut a long story short we got her driving!!!! On her first few laps Mike and I were trying to explain how to steer and stay on the track, we were already laughing our heads off as she went side to side from one fence then straight across the track to the other side - very funny! So came my comment 'You not supposed to be doing the zigzag, you're not sewing' - her response 'I can't use a sewing machine either, let alone drive!' - ok I suppose you had to be there but I was laughing so much I had tears rolling down my face!!! That was on the Saturday night, but low and behold when I got out of the shower the next morning here is Janine sitting in the lounge racing around the track again!! LOL! Think AngelGurl may have a new addiction!!

SENZ Update

Thought I'd better post these pics from SENZ. Didn't actually end up taking too many photos - opps, was too busy soaking up the creative atmosphere and meeting lots of people from different forums. An amazing show (pity was lacking in the catering side of things, and slightly cramp round some store areas) and so much better than the Christchurch one last year.

This is the Prima 'buffet' from Nic Howards card class... just gorgeous!
Here are my 6 creations, loved the easy techniques and think I will definitely give these a go again sometime soon.
A close up of my fav one ... love that bling!
And who would have thought to use a piece of cardborad from a box - a great effect!
This was from my cupcake card class with Up2scrap, made another two cards which are still 'under construction'
The rumour is shows in Auckland and Dunedin next year .... so does that mean I can spend more at the Dunedin one since I don't have any travel or accommodation costs? Or does that mean I can go to two of them??? LOL! Will wait and listen for the official announcement ... anyone know when that will be?

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm back!

Whew ... not exactly sure what day or time it is, feel like I have been running round for the last few weeks so now looking forward to getting back to some normality after the school holidays ... well as normal as life gets in theis house - LOL!

Arrived home from SENZ/Wellington at about 8.30pm last night, an early night ... a busy morning (Finn back to school and Emma started morning Kindy today) and now I have 5 minutes free to type this quick post before tackling my long list of housework for the week before heading back to work tomorrow.

Wellington was great, weather was fab, meeting forum members and others was fantastic, classes were cool. Did 3 classes - Lusi Austin - 10 joys of now, Rose McKenzie - Get Happy Cards and Nic Howards - Create card buffet. Did some shopping .... need I say more, and yes a pic will follow.

Thank you especially to Janine for having me to stay, was fantastic hanging out with you (and Mike), sorry for turning you into a petrolhead though - LOL!!!! So what is your lap time on Gran Tarismo (sp?) now? Hehe!

Well my 5 minutes is up, will post some more stuff later ...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday

Ok, so I am a bit slack at blogging, but at least I get round to woohoo-ing on a Wednesday - LOL!

So here goes my list for this week:
* only 2 more sleeps til SENZ! You know that had to be first on my list this week :)
* spending time with the kids over the holidays
* having 3 days down in Invers at Mum and Dad's
* catching up with friends in Invers
* catching up with scrappy buddies Meg and Mrs Frizz
and finally ...
* finding this printers tray at a second hand shop in Invers!

Anyone who has seen Ali Edwards book LIfe Artist will know she has created an amazing work of art with one of these printer trays. They are the trays that the old printers used to keep their type pieces in for the old style printing. I have been looking at them on trademe but they have all been up in the North Island and most have odd shaped spces, long rectangular. So couldn't believe my luck when I found this one. All the squares are approx 2x2 inches, and it is slightly roungh in some areas but am going to spend a bit of time restoring it before I start photos and bits and pieces to it. Am looking forward to starting on it after I get back from SENZ.

To those of you travelling to SENZ this weekend - safe travels and can't wait to meet you all (I have 'attempted' some swap pins so come and see me for one).

To those of you unable to make it I am sure there will be lots of pics next week showing what we got up to - well there is bound to be a camera or 10 around with a bunch of scrappers isn't there! LOL!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday ...

Woo Hoo for:
* having the rest of the week off to play with the kids :)
* going down to see my parents in Invers with the kids for a couple of nights
* having a blast on Monday at the Hi5 concert - oh yeah think the kids had a good time too! LOL!
* Finn has started learning how to tie his own shoelaces!
* Emma's comment today 'Mummy, I think I like you, coz you're cute' - *heart melting*
* oh yes and only 9 sleeps til I wing my way to Wellers for a crazy old time at SENZ! Hands up who is getting excited!

OK so haven't really been keeping up to date with the Ali Edwards challenge, so maybe I might just wait for a normal week when I'm not running round like a headless chicken!! But at least I got some cool pics on Monday, no doubt will get a few more pics when am away with the kids over the next few days! On our mini road trip - LOL!

Oh yeah - I have been seeing some page protectors, not sure where to get them - think they are Avery trading card page type/mulitple little packets on the one page? Make sense to anyone? Does anyone know where you can get these?

Night :)