Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday

Ok, so I am a bit slack at blogging, but at least I get round to woohoo-ing on a Wednesday - LOL!

So here goes my list for this week:
* only 2 more sleeps til SENZ! You know that had to be first on my list this week :)
* spending time with the kids over the holidays
* having 3 days down in Invers at Mum and Dad's
* catching up with friends in Invers
* catching up with scrappy buddies Meg and Mrs Frizz
and finally ...
* finding this printers tray at a second hand shop in Invers!

Anyone who has seen Ali Edwards book LIfe Artist will know she has created an amazing work of art with one of these printer trays. They are the trays that the old printers used to keep their type pieces in for the old style printing. I have been looking at them on trademe but they have all been up in the North Island and most have odd shaped spces, long rectangular. So couldn't believe my luck when I found this one. All the squares are approx 2x2 inches, and it is slightly roungh in some areas but am going to spend a bit of time restoring it before I start photos and bits and pieces to it. Am looking forward to starting on it after I get back from SENZ.

To those of you travelling to SENZ this weekend - safe travels and can't wait to meet you all (I have 'attempted' some swap pins so come and see me for one).

To those of you unable to make it I am sure there will be lots of pics next week showing what we got up to - well there is bound to be a camera or 10 around with a bunch of scrappers isn't there! LOL!


angel gurl said...

great list there Mich. Love your find in second hand shop in Invers, I can see you having some fun with that. See you in two days time....

Beverley said...

Ooooh lucky find! Can't wait to see what you do with it and yes, I am jealous! See you in two sleeps.

Mrs Frizz said...

Go you on your two sleeps to SENZ ... have fun and safe travels buddy ...

and yep, I'm thinking there could be a camera or two ... but my double chin won't be appearing in any pics ... BUGA!!!

Anonymous said...

Now thats a lucky find - good spotting. Have fun at SENZ and yes we will be looking forward to seeing all the photos afterwards.

Sarah Gough said...

Ohhhhh love the tray! gorgeous! Soooo looking forward to the galore!