Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday - 100th post!!

Woo Hoo for:
* finally downloading the above woo hoo tag! Took alwhile - LOL!
* DH's birthday today - he took a day off to just relax as has been a bit of a hectic at work lately
* having a good night's sleep last night
* 100 posts on my blog!
* spring flowers blooming in my garden
* a weekend with no rain and sunshine!
* a new scrappy trolley for my papers!
* cool new ribbons from American Crafts (love the bright colours AC use in their products)
* new Fiskars punch - yes finally got the Treading Water one everyone else has got!

Well the 'cycling' event at Sketchbook has been completed! My layout was pretty simple but I really love it - finally scrapped the photo from Finn's 4th birthday of him on his new bike! Love the Cosmo Cricket pp (the orange background) got this in the SBO kit I received via a challenge on Sketchbook - some more good stuff in that kit that I am itching to scrap with ...
Next event is 'gymnastics' - uuummmmm me in a leotard, probably not a good look - LOL! But I think I'll give the swirls a go!

Oh yeah another woo hoo - for Laura Vegas! She was the celebrity challenger at Sketchbook recently - well I have been reading her blog since then. I saw some cool photos she had taken a week or so back so left a comment and asked her how she edited her photos. Well imagine my surprise when I had an email back answering my questions, then another email with a basic step by step editing notes! So helpful and friendly! :)

Well must off to practice my 'gymnastic' swirls - LOL!

Monday, August 25, 2008

You know when you are a scrapbooker when ...

... you buy the sugar with the coolest packaging! OK it was on special too, but check out those cool scallops and the cupcake!!! :)

And then there is the cool wee owl on this packet of wipes! My kids may be out of nappies but these come in very handy for in the car and for cleaning my stamps :)

Enjoyed a great weekend with NO RAIN! First weekend in about 6 - 8 weeks that we have had no rain at all! Needless to say the garden got a well overdue weed, all set now for some new planting for the spring. Lots of blossom about on the trees and daffadils are poking through now - great to know that spring is not that far away with it's warmer temperatures - can't wait!

Layout all done for the Sketchbook Olympics Cycling challenge - had fun doing this. Have got a bit stressed out in the past doing challenges and scrapping well outside my comfort zone to the point of not enjoying it, and being disappointed in my layouts. So have set myself some rules for future challenges - I must be enjoying it or else I should step back and have a break.

later :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

Big woo hoos for

* SEEING THE SUN!!! need I say more - LOL!! Has been pretty wet here lately, and I think the rain is set to return at the weekend again, sigh! Oh well I can see signs that spring is coming, so lets hope we see a bit more of this sun soon!

* for Kiwis doing well at the Olympics! Some great personal bests being achieved by the athletes, with some medals thrown in for those great results.

* Yummy macaroni cheese for tea last night - a favourite with everyone in this house!

* Becoming an Auntie soon, and now being able to tell people!

* exciting challenges over at the Sketchbook Olympics

* Awaiting an order from an aussie scrap shop

best go and cook tea
later :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Let the Olympics begin ....

... this is the only way I am ever going to appear at an Olympics - LOL! The Sketchbook Olympics kick off tomorrow and I am representing the country of France - O la la! LOL!

The warm up challenge was to do a layout about yourself in the colours of your nations flag ...

I used my limited knowledge of high school french (and the handy internet to check spelling).

Can't wait to see what the other challenges will be ...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The secret ...

... no am not being published, not a guest designer (yeah right - like I'd be asked to do that!), uummmm Sampin Up demo person - now that's an idea - but no that's not it either.

Actually is something non scrap related - I'm going to be an Auntie!!!! My bro and his wife in Melbourne are having their first baby due in Feb, and I have just received the beautiful scan pics today! Am so excited for them, damn that means I might have to head to Melb sometime in the near future - yes please! LOL!

Best off to get tea ready, heading out to Finn's school musical tonight - an Olympic theme - should be good.

Later :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

And here it is again .....

Woo Hoos today
* finally ordered one of those very sort after Fiskars border punches (well think I did still awaiting order confirmation?!)
* won an August kit from the guys at ScrapbookOutlet after a challenge over at Sketchbooknz - now waiting on Mr Courier so I can have a play - yippee!
* can see the sun shining today!!!
* bought tickets for me and the kids to go to Hi5 show in Dunners next school holidays!
* kids getting over there bugs
* found a cool new store - Nood - some cool items in there to alter
* ok have another secret one but don't know if I'm allowed to tell yet - so it might have to wait til next week! Hehe will keep you all in suspense! :)

Now as for the issue of 4 loads of washing - no we are not dirty people - LOL! Just a load of sheets, one of towels, one of clothes, and then a separate one for a big tablecloth! Oh yeah then had to do another small load that night after Emma came home from kindy covered in 'goop' - some mixture they love playing with except that she wipes he hands down her polar fleece and on her jeans!!! Thought I'd better was that lot before it set hard!!

Now off to prepare Finn's fav tea - Macaroni cheese!

later :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

'Work' challenge

Another day, another challenge - they are coming thick and fast at Sketchbooknz!
This one was posted by Lara - to do a layout (or minibook) about your 'work'. I decided to journal what I did today - a very simple layout but I really like it!

Journalling reads ......
"Today I have…
fed the dog, made breakfast for the kids, help dress the kids, made school lunch for Finn, put on dishwasher, drive Finn to school, fill car up with petrol, made beds, put on load #1 of washing, tidy bedrooms, put on load #2 of washing, hang up load #1 of washing, clean out fridge, tidy kitchen, unload dishwasher, put on load #3 of washing, hang out load #2 of washing, made lunch, chopped up peppers for fridge, dropped Emma at kindy, put on load #4 of washing, hang up load #3 of washing, vacuum the house, mop the lino floors, go to the bank, pick up Finn from school and Emma from kindy, get afternoon tea, mow lawns, put fire on, cook and serve tea, clean up dishes and load dishwasher, get kids ready for bed, storytime and lights out – ah cup of tea time for me!
And this was my day off !!!! "
And for comments on my last post - Vicki - Nood is a real shop, think they have only recently opened here in Dunners (is not in the main shopping area hence why it has taken me so long to find!) They have some other cool stuff to alter - colouring pencils in plain cardboard tubes - I am thinking of going back and getting some of these for kids birthday presents. Very reasonable prices for these as well.
And no Trace wasn't drunkin' stumbling - LOL! Am saving that for the SENZ weekend! ROFL!
Later :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Becky Higgins Challenge

OK - Sketchbooknz challenge completed - actually managed to create two entries for this challenge - pretty good for me I think - LOL!
I also found a new fav shop - Nood - this is where I found the two items that I altered for this challenge. The first is a wee flower pot with photo clips sticking out. I created some mini layouts for each of the clips, lots of ribbons, flowers and embellies.
The second was this cool wee birdhouse - get this only cost $3.95!!! It's a cardboard one that just slots togther - very cool! I used some cool Heidi Grace paper, HeroArts flower and of course a wee K&Co owl - hehe!

Had lots of fun completing these and has helped to renew that mojo which has been lacking lately.
Hoping this week is going to be better than the last - Finn should be back at school, antiboitics are doing there trick :)
Off to my warm bed now, another frost on the way.

Oh yeah funny story - had a girls night out last night, got home about midnight, and we had a bumper frost happening already - so much so that the magnetic lock on our front gate was frozen shut!! Couldn't get in that way, so ended up having to open the garage door (have internal garage) and in the process woke up Marty and Emma - d'oh! So much for sneaking in quietly! LOL!

Friday, August 8, 2008

What season is it?

As you know we have had 2+ weeks of rain .... then yesterday we had 15 degrees at 3pm! WOW! I took advantage of the sunny day getting out and doing some gardening. And then today at 3pm we only had 3 degrees and a giant hail shower?! What is up with that!! It's looking like Finn's rugby will be cancelled again tomorrow - has been a few weeks now since they actually had a game. But then again that might be a good thing as Finn has been a bit crook this week. On to antiboitics now so hopefully will kick those bugs that have been hanging round for a few weeks!

I missed woo hoo Wednesday this week but would have to say the moment of my week would have to go to Miss Emma. She was sitting with me on Tuesday night and suddenly turned to me and stated - "Mummy, I very love you!" Made my heart melt and yes, I know that will be an awesome page title - just have to get a cool pic of the two of us :)

I also watched the movie 'The Bucket List' last night. What a great movie, two very talented actors.

Am looking forward to watching some of the Olympic action over this wet weekend.

Later :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Random shots ...

The above shot was taken 3 weeks ago - after a weekend of snow to sealevel, the following Friday a high of 19 degrees (norm is about 10degrees ish!) I went for a walk along the street and found the trees with blossom all over?! Think the season has become slightly screwed somehow?! But today after 12 days of rain/drizzle/more rain we have had a dry day. The sun has poked through the high cloud - so nice to be able to go outside, have the windows open for fresh air - and especially to be able to shoo the kids outside to play! We were getting a fair bit of cabin fever here! LOL!
Now with rainy days, these days in our house are playdough days! So last weekend even before breakfast Emma was asking for the playdough. So when the kids started playing, I got out some fimo stuff and played alongside them and made these .....

It's it such a cute button! (Put the coin beside for a size indicator - thats not how much they cost! LOL!)

Also made these ...

Will make some more at some point, only had these 3 colours so might have to go and get some more! Oh yeah, after making them you bake them in the oven for 10-15 min and they become rock hard. Might just have to do a layout and use my cupcake button on it! Thought I might even have a go at painting the top of them with Kindiglitz - but not sure? Or maybe glue some little beads on as sprinkles? What do you think?

Well must away, having a progressive dinner tonight and the main meal is at our place! Have just finished cleaning the house, and now have a bag of spuds to peel and a pumpkin to chop up!!

Later :)

Some long overdue pics!

Have managed to get a couple of layouts done last weekend, pretty uncomplicated ones, but the photos were gorgeous and didn't want to detract from them.

Wanted to show the sequence of pics of Finn 'scootering' up the street.

These pics of Emma were as a result of an impromptu photo session a previous weekend.
And finally my big boy - ACTUALLY! LOL!

Will have to do another post now with some more random pics - would only let me upload 5 for this post ??