Sunday, August 10, 2008

Becky Higgins Challenge

OK - Sketchbooknz challenge completed - actually managed to create two entries for this challenge - pretty good for me I think - LOL!
I also found a new fav shop - Nood - this is where I found the two items that I altered for this challenge. The first is a wee flower pot with photo clips sticking out. I created some mini layouts for each of the clips, lots of ribbons, flowers and embellies.
The second was this cool wee birdhouse - get this only cost $3.95!!! It's a cardboard one that just slots togther - very cool! I used some cool Heidi Grace paper, HeroArts flower and of course a wee K&Co owl - hehe!

Had lots of fun completing these and has helped to renew that mojo which has been lacking lately.
Hoping this week is going to be better than the last - Finn should be back at school, antiboitics are doing there trick :)
Off to my warm bed now, another frost on the way.

Oh yeah funny story - had a girls night out last night, got home about midnight, and we had a bumper frost happening already - so much so that the magnetic lock on our front gate was frozen shut!! Couldn't get in that way, so ended up having to open the garage door (have internal garage) and in the process woke up Marty and Emma - d'oh! So much for sneaking in quietly! LOL!


Sarah said...

these are gorgeous...I love, love, love the birdhouse!

Trace said...

Love them both Mich, and as for waking up the kids with the garage door..c'mon tell us the truth really wasn't it the drunkin' stumbling ROFL!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute both of them Mich. So what sort of shop is Nood - online or for real?

Hannah said...

Very cool!! I love them both, but the birdhouse especially!

Mrs Frizz said...

l just as well you arrived home around midnight and not a few hours later - you would have well and truly been caught out!!!!

Now once upon a time girls hoped not to get caught out, sneaking out, NOT sneaking back home - ROFLMAO.

Very creative ... awesome!!!

Lynne said...

Just having a sneaky at your blog and wow your the creator of that gorgeous Bird house. I love it!
Awesome work, must save you to sneak around more LOL

Lynda said...

Wow you have been busy Mich.Great birds house.