Friday, August 8, 2008

What season is it?

As you know we have had 2+ weeks of rain .... then yesterday we had 15 degrees at 3pm! WOW! I took advantage of the sunny day getting out and doing some gardening. And then today at 3pm we only had 3 degrees and a giant hail shower?! What is up with that!! It's looking like Finn's rugby will be cancelled again tomorrow - has been a few weeks now since they actually had a game. But then again that might be a good thing as Finn has been a bit crook this week. On to antiboitics now so hopefully will kick those bugs that have been hanging round for a few weeks!

I missed woo hoo Wednesday this week but would have to say the moment of my week would have to go to Miss Emma. She was sitting with me on Tuesday night and suddenly turned to me and stated - "Mummy, I very love you!" Made my heart melt and yes, I know that will be an awesome page title - just have to get a cool pic of the two of us :)

I also watched the movie 'The Bucket List' last night. What a great movie, two very talented actors.

Am looking forward to watching some of the Olympic action over this wet weekend.

Later :)


Mrs Frizz said...

Mother Nature is more than a little topsy turvey atm ... keep warm and dry this weekend. Hope you find time to be a little creative.

Beverley said...

Funny, I just finished watching the Bucket List! Little Miss Emma has a way with words ... can't wait to see the scrapped version. That cold snap seems to have made it's way to Wellington ...not nice!

Trace said...

Oh the joys of living on two long islands LOL! Hope the weekend is kind to you then Mich.

Hannah said...

It's been nice to have some sunshine ... but back to the rain, ugh! This winter has been terrible for all the winter sports, hasn't it? I hope you have a good weekend even if it does rain. And I hope Finn gets well soon.

I am keen to see that movie ... glad to hear you enjoyed it.