Sunday, May 31, 2009

A bit of advertising fun ...

... if you liked the drumming gorilla you might like this new ad which starts tomorrow ...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Finn was playing ball tag at lunchtime on Moday and decided to kiss the concrete in a big way! Got a call from school and was greeted by an upset wee guy with this mess on his face. It doesn't look as bad now, and the bandage is there to protect a large area where lots of skin missing - yuck! Also two skinned knees and scruffed toes on the day old new school shoes!!
Crafty wise - I am almost all caught up on my 365 album, just last weeks photos to print and last two weeks of journalling to do. Had a scrap sunday with the girls at the weekend and managed to get a couple of layouts done.
But am trying to ignore my scrap desk at the moment and concentrate on getting some contract work done - but wouldn't you know it my mojo is back and I just want to play not work - argh!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Whew ...

... hubby found out yesterday that he has his job still! Well there is a restructure so it's one of the new jobs.
To say it's a relief is an understatement, has been in the back of our minds for the past few months ever since the changes were announced. We have tried to stay positive but you are always thinking 'what if ...'
So I think we will celebrate a little this weekend and my thoughts go out to anyone else who is currently going through this too ...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy busy

... after a few days with the help of this ...

I am feeling a tad better. Can actually bend over without feeling like my head is going to explode out of my eyes! Germs - GO AWAY! Oh yeah and the dog is sick too - she did a huge vomit by the sliding door on Friday night - yip inside - YUCK! Took her to the vet and she has a bit of a fever so on meds and very bland food for the next few days :(
On the scrapping front a bit of playing and I created this ...

These were some of the photos I took in Central Otago at Easter time. Love how the Cosmo Cricket Happy Camper range just fit perfectly with the colours in the photos.
On Friday I also did a bit of shopping for scrappy supplies at the 24 hour Regent Theatre Book sale - an annual huge book sale held here in Dunedin. These are the treasures I found, a mixture of old novels, music books and dictionaries - just perfect to use on some vintage style layouts. They were a bargain indeed as all books are only $1 each!!! Hence my wee pile :)

My head is spinning at the moment with a lot going on in our lives - jobs waiting to be confirmed, as well as finding a house with HUGE section that we love and the tough prospect of thinking about selling our current home which we still actually love - very tough decisions to be made in the next week. But I am sure it will all end up working out just fine but tough to get my brain around it all as well as keeping control of all the day to day stuff round here. Whew, with that off my chest now I am off to make a cuppa and relax for a bit ...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rain, rain go away ...

... come again another day! It started Thursday night while we were at rugby practice and pretty much hasn't stopped since! *sigh*
Althought the weather gods did listen to me and we had a rain free Saturday morning for Finn's rugby (my parents were chuffed to see him play) and then it started again at 11.30am that morning.
With the gloomy weather and stuff going on at hubby's work, now add to that I am stuffed up with blocked sinuses, ears, sore throat, dull achy head - normally I am the last one to get any colds but this year I am the first! LOL!
But on the bright side I don't need an excuse to stay snuggled up inside by the fire, doing a bit of scrapping and reading. ;)
So on that note I am off to do a bit of creating while my head feels clear, then looking forward to a pile of cheeserolls for lunch - yummo!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A couple of new layouts ...

... will wonders never cease, I am actually getting a few more layouts done! This one was created last night, I had the photo and a couple of ideas but it all fell into place when I saw Nic Howard's latest layout! So here is my scraplift of her gorgeous layout (with pp dug out of my old stash) ...

(I also had a go with using a template for the leaf that Mrs Fizz kindly scanned for me)
And Layout #2 was one that I started on Sunday at the scrap day with the Dunedin ladies, I used a shped piece of MM paper as a template and cut the Cosmo Cricket paper. Have I told you recently that I love Cosma Cricket? LOL! Added a bit of prima, bit of bling and one of my butterflies and I kind of like the result!

Just in the process of trying to sort my scrap space out. The cupboard I have doesn't have very good shelving so hubby said he would help my put some more mdf shelves in there soon - yippee! Now just have to find some good boxes/baskets/jars to sort everything out properly!
Glad we are all stocked up with firewood - looks like snow on the way this weekend. Perfect scrapping weather although have my parents coming up to stay and they were hoping to see Finn play rugby - oh well it can start snowing after 11am Saturday if it likes! ;)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another year older ...

Last Monday I had two little cuties coming in to the bedroom early carrying a gorgeous gift bag, and inside I found this ...
I got the tea cup charm and green bead on the bracelet, and have used birthday money from my parents and inlaws to buy the present charm. I LOVE this bracelet and there are sooo many cool charms and beads that I can look forward to buying in the future.
Do any of you have this bracelet - what charms do you like?
Monday was actually that start of a busy week, I had my Mum come up and stay for a couple of days, then we have had an Aussie guy come and stay for a few days also on and exchange with hubby's community group. We ended up hosting a bbq/potluck meal on Saturday night, then hubby and a few others took our visitor up to Moeraki for the day on Sunday. I managed to sneak away for a scrapday with some of the Dunedin ladies, however my day was interrupted by having to go back out home and grab spare keys as hubby had locked his keys in the boot of the car at Moeraki!!!! So the Aussie guest got to see the coast line between Dunedin and Moeraki a second time that afternoon!!
Now a quiet week, kids all eased back into swimming and rugby, hope to get back into my scrap area (this is in spare room so haven't been in there with visitors staying), and to get some creating done.