Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Finn was playing ball tag at lunchtime on Moday and decided to kiss the concrete in a big way! Got a call from school and was greeted by an upset wee guy with this mess on his face. It doesn't look as bad now, and the bandage is there to protect a large area where lots of skin missing - yuck! Also two skinned knees and scruffed toes on the day old new school shoes!!
Crafty wise - I am almost all caught up on my 365 album, just last weeks photos to print and last two weeks of journalling to do. Had a scrap sunday with the girls at the weekend and managed to get a couple of layouts done.
But am trying to ignore my scrap desk at the moment and concentrate on getting some contract work done - but wouldn't you know it my mojo is back and I just want to play not work - argh!


Hannah said...

OW!! Poor Finn! I hope he heals quickly. Boys tend to love their war wounds soon enough though!

Vicki said...

Ouch that makes you want to cringe. Hope he's not too sore.

mandyb said...

oww oww oww.... looks sore... as for that mojo.... glad you found yours!!

Trace said...

Oh poor Finn - hate having to phone parents with those phone calls - you know the panic they will be feeling. Bet it won't be long before it heals up. Glad to hear the mojo's returned - isn't that Murphy's Law though - now you've got to work.