Thursday, November 27, 2008

A layout, a card and some shopping ....

Am a bit of a slack blogger this week, no not doing anything exciting just working all hours of the day and night this week - one of the downfalls of working from home is that it is always there!! So am looking forward to my 3 day weekend now to get all my other stuff done that I have been neglecting ...
But I did manage to get this layout submitted on Monday for the latest comp at ScrappinPatch my take on 'Nic Howard' style - I am really pleased with how it turned out. Got the papers and initial layout planned at a crop on Sunday and then did the sewing and added the journalling, title and other embellies when I got home.

Last week I whipped up a few of these .....
Emma will be 4 in early January, and as it is the holiday season she misses out on the traditional party with her wee mates as they are all away. So have decided to have a little something a month early, so next week I will have five 4 year olds for a tea party! Yes ... there will be cupcakes and lots of pink and sparkles - LOL!!

And finally ... yes it is the season for retail bargains ... did a bit of online shopping on Friday night to take advantge of the 30% discount at ScrappinPatch. This box of goodies arrived on my doorstep on Tuesday morning but I have been a good girl and haven't touched any of it yet - except to unpack it. I will hopefully have a play tonight - but I can just see those papers being used a layout after a certain party next week - *wink*! Maybe I should have bought more of them - LOL! Oh yeah and also preordered some white Primas - they should be here next week I think!!
I also see there is a big sale on over at SBO at the mo - wonder if there is any room left on my visa???! LOL!
Well must off visitors have just arrived ....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday

Woo Hoo for:
* working from home so no petrol or parking costs!
* having a great weekend catching up with friends at a bonfire and bbq
* managing to get some work done at home the past two days, and not being distracted by my scrap table .... just sitting there in the corner calling out to me ..... it's hard resisting that urge - LOL!
* getting back into a routine after a few weeks of chaos
* Finn's arm on the mend, xray on Monday and everything healing in the right place, but cast still on for another 4 weeks.
* getting caught up on Jessica Sprague's Stories in Hand course, and thanks to my whizzy printer all that printing of prompts and templates didn't take too long!
* a free weekend ahead to get some pre Christmas stuff done

A bit of sad news though, I just read that Kyah has passed away this morning - such a brave and strong 'almost three year old'. My thoughts are with her family at this time.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Woo Hoo Friday

OK so I missed Wednesday, so here it is on Friday instead ....

Woo Hoo for ....
* just getting new wireless modem hooked up at home! Now I can surf the net on my new laptop from anywhere in the house!!!!
* getting my new small home office area set up - next week will be straight into the new work.
* having some time with my parents down south earlier in the week
* doing a little bit of shopping with my Mum (at some cool gifty type shops in Winton - just out of Invers)
* sunny weather - supposed to hit 27 today!
* starting Jessica Sprague's Stories in Hand online class - think I might need some more paper though to print off all those prompts! And my new laser printer will be arriving hopefully later today so this will be it's first major test to print out all of these - LOL!
* and of course - yeah for it being Friday!

Hope the weather is kind to all of you this weekend - enjoy :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

School fair season ...

and on the whole the weather has come to the party. Weekend before last was Finn's school fair, this was kind of overshadowed by the evenets afterwards (Finn breaking his arm). But I managed to pick up a few bargains in the 'used goods' section in the school hall - a kitset computer desk for only $12 and two small shelves that I now have on my scrap desk for only $2 each! Very pleased witht that :)
Then this past weekend was another local school's turn and once again I found myself in the school hall picking up some more bargains ...... this small set of drawers for only $2 - plan is to sand this back, repaint and use drawers for my stamps as it is a perfect size! The lovely old cup and saucer sets were only $2 each set as well - plan to make some very cool pin cushions with these - got the idea from Janine who showed me one she had purchased at a local market.

And then this little gem .... you guessed it was only $2 as well. Plan is to alter it and add photos in the spaces like what I am doing with the print tray.So lots of little projects to keep me busy ... now just have to find some time to get stuck into them.
Am off south tonight for a day training tomorrow for my new contract job that I will be doing from home, back home Wednesday then hopefully life will return back to normal - well at least at normal as it gets round here!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Been tagged!

Thanks Mandyb ! She tagged me so here are seven random facts about me ...

1 - unlike my son, I have never broken a bone (touch wood - lol!)
2 - I drive only automatic cars - I tried manuals when doing driver training but after bunny hopping alot I gave up!
3 - I hate cucumber, coz I can still taste it hours after I have eaten it!
4 - My fave movie is 'The Castle' - ah the serenity!
5 - I don't drink coffee but will eat coffee flavoured chocs, cake etc
6 - I met Charles Spencer (Diana's brother) at Althorp Estate when I visited in 2001
7 - Have sailed on the River Nile

There you go, you have learnt something new. So I tag everyone reading this who hasn't yet given this a go .....

Monday, November 3, 2008

HHhhmmmmm .....

Yip mother instinct is normally right and sure enough. Although I did wonder this morning when he started using that hand a wee bit, but when he said it was still sore I thought an xray to check wouldn't hurt.
As it turns out he does have a good fracture in his lower arm about 1/3 way up from his wrist. As it is a bit further up there is the need for the longer cast around past his elbow. He was a trooper and didn't complain once in at the Urgent Doctors even when they were moving his arm round to plaster it. Need to xray again in 2 weeks to check it's healing well but he will need to keep the cast on for a good 6 weeks - so all going well will be off the week before Christmas!
Couldn't keep him at home, so he headed back to school after lunch and was Mr Popular in his class all afternoon - LOL! Everyone wanted to sit beside him, or walk with him!!!
He is very happy in himself and hasn't complained once - that's my boy :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A sunny day and a layout ...

Manage to complete the Friday night challenge tonight at Sketchbook, well almost. Let's just say was a quick 30 min playing tonight (Sunday) and I managed the black and orange elements but missed the stamping bit ... but I like it anyway ...
After a very windy Saturday with the odd spot of rain and a cancelled bonfire night, we ended up with a day like this today ... just GORGEOUS!

Pics taken at St Clair beach this afternoon - loving the feel of summer days getting closer :)
Another busy weekend over and done, had school fair on Saturday, then Finn had a little incident on his bike. He has been learning to tie his shoe laces lately, which is all good, except when he leaves it a bit long then goes for a ride on his bike. Yip, lace got caught in the pedal and he ended up coming off the bike, luckily it was only onto the grass in the backyard but now he has a very sore arm. I took him to the doctor yesterday arvo and after checking he was reasonably confident it wasn't broken but I'm not so sure today. Finn is happy in himself but he won't use his arm and doesn't like any pressure on a certain area of it. So just to be sure I will be taking him down to the hospital in the morning for an xray just to check whether it's a break or just bruising - better safe than sorry I think!!!
Also done some shopping today, and hopefully if I get everything hooked up ok tomorrow I will be blogging from my new laptop. Got some new work in the pipeline so getting setup for it :)
well it's 11pm now and past my bedtime