Friday, November 14, 2008

Woo Hoo Friday

OK so I missed Wednesday, so here it is on Friday instead ....

Woo Hoo for ....
* just getting new wireless modem hooked up at home! Now I can surf the net on my new laptop from anywhere in the house!!!!
* getting my new small home office area set up - next week will be straight into the new work.
* having some time with my parents down south earlier in the week
* doing a little bit of shopping with my Mum (at some cool gifty type shops in Winton - just out of Invers)
* sunny weather - supposed to hit 27 today!
* starting Jessica Sprague's Stories in Hand online class - think I might need some more paper though to print off all those prompts! And my new laser printer will be arriving hopefully later today so this will be it's first major test to print out all of these - LOL!
* and of course - yeah for it being Friday!

Hope the weather is kind to all of you this weekend - enjoy :)


Anonymous said...

Lucky you with wireless - thats next on my list too. As for the class I didn't realise how much paper was actually going to be needed and have way underestimated! LOL

mandyb said...

mmmm we have wireless at work- so good.. hate it when I go home and search out the cord!!!! as for the weather- it is stunning here too so YAH for us both!!!! lets hope tomorrow is good too as i have SO MUCH washing to do

angel gurl said...

well that answers my question that I emailed your earlier lol, glad it went well. Have fun playing with your new printer and enjoy your weekend.

Trace said...

Oh yeah that shop on the corner in Winton that has all the nice homewares and sells sweets as well - that's a cool shop.