Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Been tagged!

Thanks Mandyb ! She tagged me so here are seven random facts about me ...

1 - unlike my son, I have never broken a bone (touch wood - lol!)
2 - I drive only automatic cars - I tried manuals when doing driver training but after bunny hopping alot I gave up!
3 - I hate cucumber, coz I can still taste it hours after I have eaten it!
4 - My fave movie is 'The Castle' - ah the serenity!
5 - I don't drink coffee but will eat coffee flavoured chocs, cake etc
6 - I met Charles Spencer (Diana's brother) at Althorp Estate when I visited in 2001
7 - Have sailed on the River Nile

There you go, you have learnt something new. So I tag everyone reading this who hasn't yet given this a go .....


mandyb said...

that is great darl..... what do you call that??? or that will go straight to the pool room!!!!! love that movie - all my aussie friends always say this to my chrissie gifts!!!!! hahahaha
as for the coffee thing - i am with you - dont mind the flavour, dont drink it though!!!!

Trace said...

Another non coffee drinker here LOL! Lucky you touched wood don't want to change that random fact!

My notepad was in my lettrbox when I got home from work yesterday - thanks chickee.

Angel Gurl said...

I guess I am a hot drink geabout then cos I can drink either lol. As you know we love the castle here too.

mummymoo said...

YAY for the castle it is a cool movie and LOL about only driving autos and OMG you have sailed the River nile - wow what was that like did you see crocs etc,

Forgive me I need to ask are you MichelleNZ over at Eidou and if you are OMG your work ROCKS!!!!!!!! Seriously !!!!!!