Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rain, rain go away ...

... come again another day! It started Thursday night while we were at rugby practice and pretty much hasn't stopped since! *sigh*
Althought the weather gods did listen to me and we had a rain free Saturday morning for Finn's rugby (my parents were chuffed to see him play) and then it started again at 11.30am that morning.
With the gloomy weather and stuff going on at hubby's work, now add to that I am stuffed up with blocked sinuses, ears, sore throat, dull achy head - normally I am the last one to get any colds but this year I am the first! LOL!
But on the bright side I don't need an excuse to stay snuggled up inside by the fire, doing a bit of scrapping and reading. ;)
So on that note I am off to do a bit of creating while my head feels clear, then looking forward to a pile of cheeserolls for lunch - yummo!


mandyb said...

oh no sorry to hear about the rain and your cold... I have a sore throat and am also hoping it leaves soon!!! I hate winter!!!! though is sunny here in wgtn today!!!!

Trace said...

Oh that sucks Mich, poor you - hope you had a good day scrapping and eating chesse rolls though!

Mrs Frizz said...

Know the feeling on this rain business ... I'm so over it!!!

Come again another day, doesn't even come close.

Hope the germie bugs are on the way out!