Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday - 100th post!!

Woo Hoo for:
* finally downloading the above woo hoo tag! Took alwhile - LOL!
* DH's birthday today - he took a day off to just relax as has been a bit of a hectic at work lately
* having a good night's sleep last night
* 100 posts on my blog!
* spring flowers blooming in my garden
* a weekend with no rain and sunshine!
* a new scrappy trolley for my papers!
* cool new ribbons from American Crafts (love the bright colours AC use in their products)
* new Fiskars punch - yes finally got the Treading Water one everyone else has got!

Well the 'cycling' event at Sketchbook has been completed! My layout was pretty simple but I really love it - finally scrapped the photo from Finn's 4th birthday of him on his new bike! Love the Cosmo Cricket pp (the orange background) got this in the SBO kit I received via a challenge on Sketchbook - some more good stuff in that kit that I am itching to scrap with ...
Next event is 'gymnastics' - uuummmmm me in a leotard, probably not a good look - LOL! But I think I'll give the swirls a go!

Oh yeah another woo hoo - for Laura Vegas! She was the celebrity challenger at Sketchbook recently - well I have been reading her blog since then. I saw some cool photos she had taken a week or so back so left a comment and asked her how she edited her photos. Well imagine my surprise when I had an email back answering my questions, then another email with a basic step by step editing notes! So helpful and friendly! :)

Well must off to practice my 'gymnastic' swirls - LOL!


Angel Gurl said...

think I will be practicing my routine for the next sketchbook challenge in the weekend,loved the colours you used in yours. Great list and whoo hoot at 100 posts. Love the new goodies you have.

Beverley said...

Well, you're pretty good at cycling ... can't wait to see what you're like at gymnastics! Yay for 100 posts that's a big whoo hoot!

Sarah Gough said...

Very cool layout, love it! Woohoo for 100 posts, way to go! I'm SO addicted to those little spools of AC ribbon, love all the variety.

Trace said...

Love the ac ribbon, thanks to Spotlight! What a great list Mich, and yep, nothing like a good nights sleep to right all the wrongs.