Friday, October 24, 2008

A funny dog story ...

Was reading tonight and came across this story - very funny, and for anyone like me who owns a labrador you will realise how easy this could happen .....

Labrador lush guzzles 4 litres of wine
By EMMA BAILEY - Timaru Herald Friday, 24 October 2008

Roxy now knows excess alcohol can make you as sick as a dog.
The two-year-old labrador was left with a monster of a hangover last week after it drunk its way through four litres of cask wine.
Roxy's owner Anne went out to the garage last Wednesday night to discover two empty casks and Roxy snoring in the corner. Anne is a sales merchandiser for Independent Liquor and the casks were for a customer.
Roxy being a labrador and thinking there was a possibility of food had torn open the casks and proceeded to drink the wine up. It seems Mystic Ridge medium white wine really agreed with her palate....initially.
"She was fast asleep and snoring. When I realised what she had done I rang the vet who said to try and wake her and walk it off.
"She could not walk, her eyes were open but she could not move, so he told us to bring her in."
Highfield Veterinary Centre vet Bryan Gregor had never dealt with a drunk dog before.
"By the time I saw her at the clinic, she was comatose. She was lying flat on her side, and if she was a human, you would swear she was singing. I guess she was also telling me she was really, really sorry, I was the best friend she has ever had, and she will never do it again."
She was treated with fluids and left to sleep it off.
"In the morning the clinic smelt like a student flat on Saturday morning. Roxy was still asleep, raising her head occasionally and moaning.
"I guess it is at this stage that we should have offered her a Mays pie and a couple of Panadol. We opted for dog food which she ate with vigour."
During the day Roxy slowly became more responsive.
"When she could finally walk or should I say stagger, the girls took her outside for a walk. Staggering across the car park, she stopped in front of a tree, looked left and right, and promptly walked into it. I am supposing that she was still seeing two trees, and picked the wrong one."
Anne said when Roxy was taken home that afternoon, she got stuck halfway into her kennel, with her hind legs not working properly.
"When she first saw me she tried to jump up but fell backwards.
"By this stage I was laughing but it had been quite scary at the start especially when the vet did not know if she would survive overnight.
"The next day we took her for walk and she was not herself at all, she was puffed and didn't stray far. I guess she was hung over."
Anne estimates it took two-year-old Roxy until Monday this week to get back the spring in her paws and she's probably off alcohol for life.


Trace said...

Such a lab alright! Funny yet scary as the owner...Lucky for us Milo can't open the beer fridge LOL!

Sandra said...

OMG Mich....what a funny story. 4 litres of wine is a hellova lot of wine. I have 2 Labs and I can so imagine this. I best not let my teens read this story tho...they might see it as a possible experiment to try. Our vet has told us Labs stop eating a week after they die lol.
This is the first time I've visited your blog...I met you at the sketchbook crop and dinner at SENZ :-)

Vicki said...

ROFL at this one Mich. Are you worried about your lab? Love the bit about the tree.

Kelly said...

Oh I'm feeling for the doggy hangover!!! Having a right giggle tho'

Angel Gurl said...

Hell the dog drank more than what I did when I had my first experience of being drunk. I did have a wee giggle at the Vet and the clinic smelling like a student flat lol.