Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

Woo Hoo for:
* a long relaxing weekend at home
* long sleep-ins - yeah for hubby getting up with kids in the morning :)
* getting some scrappy projects underway (my print tray)
* some great weather to get garden sorted
* long afternoon walks with kids and home via the icecream shop
* getting scrappy mojo back
* tidied up scrap room so no excuse to procrastinate now ;)

This is my layout for the Friday night challenge at Skecthbooknz - buttons and a bit of stamping. This layout has beena longtime coming as took the pic months ago and have had it planned in my head for just as long - just needed that nudge of a challenge to get it done.

And one final layout created at the weekend - yes that is our dear Angelgurl playing Gran Tarismo on the Playstation over SENZ weekend while I was staying! No those are not pj's but her specialised racing suit! LOL!!
Later :)


Vicki said...

I think you really needed that long weekend! LOL. Thats a great list there and love the layouts. So glad you cleared up the pj's vs racing suit too! LOL

mandyb said...

love the list... and the sound of a hubby getting up to the kids.... you lucky girl.... great layouts too.... and yes also thankful for the racing uniform issue being cleared up!!!!

Hannah said...

Cool layouts - I like the clever title on the one of our Angel!

Angel Gurl said...

great list there Mich, yipee for long relaxing weekends at home. Love your english brekkie layout and lol thanks for letting people know that I am wearing my special racing suit and not my pjs lol.I loved the play on words there and the arrows on the sr paper lol very apt!!

Beverley said...

Yay for long weekends and sleep-in's. Loving the white space in your layouts ... what a neat idea to record just how you have that cup of tea. And the thought of our angelic friend racing like that first thing in the morning still brings a smile to my face!

Mrs Frizz said...

Our rangelic friend is a speed demon ha - love it!!!

Love the list - going for walks via the ice cream shop .. both of them have gotta be good for ya.