Monday, September 29, 2008

A week in my life ...

so I am giving Ali Edwards challenge a go, will try and post a few pics here during the week. Although it is school hoildays it is pretty much a normal week for me, still got to go to work :(
So here is the first pic of the day - a very stormy looking sky over the Railway station this morning - didn't come to much this morning but we have had some heavy rain tonight.
Opps, pics a little out of order - but here is dressup pic from this arvo
An outing to the Hi5 circus show this morning - yeah I know I probably should not have been taking pics, but I needed something to scrapbook - right?!
And a little pic from the weekend - Alexandra's Bossom Festival. Thought it was going to be a washout as the weather turned pretty nasty on Saturday morning, but fined up enough for the parade to go ahead an hour later than planned. A very beautiful backdrop when the cloud cleared - snow down to very low levels on the surrounding hills - brrrrr! Have a few more pics of the floats, might add them later ;)
well, off now to get sorted for work tomorrow :( would prefer to be staying home with the kiddies, but not much work left for the year and then I can have the summer holidays off ;)


Angel Gurl said...

oh love that hat, its gorgeous. We had rian yesterday too and again today "sigh". Lke you said not much work left now and then hello summer break.

Sarah Gough said...

The blossoms look gorgeous, glad the weather cleared up for the festival. SENZ is getting closer by the day....wooohoo!

Hannah said...

Those are great pictures, Mich!
I totally understand the work thing ... I have to work during the hols too (working mums should get 12 weeks holiday a year so they DON'T have to!!) but I guess I'm fortunate that I can do it from home. Still, I'd rather be out at the park, beach or movies all day than trying to work while the kids play :-(

vickiparker said...

Love your pictures. The Blossom Festival must be spectacular - maybe one day I might just get there.

Mrs Frizz said...

Wee Emma is looking far too serious in that pic buddy ... cute though, all the same.

Not many more sleeps to go for you now before you are on the plane ... oops ... da plane ... da plane!!!!