Thursday, January 22, 2009

Movie night Wednesday

One of the things I enjoyed at the weekend without the kids was being able to watch a dvd from start to finish with no interuptions! Yes as silly as it sounds - LOL! I finally got to see Juno and loved it!
A really cool soundtrack and I loved the first song "All I want is you' check it out here:
I don't get chance to get into the movies in town much these days, bit hard to work out a time to go and have kids sorted, then add in travel time (20 min to town from here), then finding a park etc - and then the price of going to the movies nowadays! So after watching the dvd at the weekend I have decided to have a regular movie/dvd night at home this year - part of my taking time to 'play' focus this year. Hubby has a community group meeting most wednesday nights and I am at home on my own in these evenings, so I have decided that this will be my 'Movie Night Wednesday'.
To kick it off I went for a great kiwi movie last night - 'Second Hand Wedding'. Thought it was really cool, love that little yellow mini car!!

So now here is a question for all my blog lurkers - what movies would you recommend that I watch on my upcoming Movie Night Wednesday's?
I am not really into action/horrors, I like historic type movies as well as the comedy ones. The only one on my must see list is due out in a couple of weeks - The Duchess.


Debbie said...

I love Under the Tuscan Sun! I have heard that Tuesdays with Morrie is good!

Neen and Mike said...

I LOVE Juno... love love love...
Another one I would suggest is Elizabethtown... old but I still love it. Marie Antoinette... and I'm watching alot of Audrey flick right now if you can get your mitts on any... Charade is great.

mandyb said...

hope the time with no kids going well (or if has passed went well).... ok movies.... the queen, remember the titans, calendar girls, spanglish, devil wears prada, panic room, in her shoes... mmm that may be enough to keep you busy for a while!!!!