Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back again!

OK, so after being slack with the blogging I thought I'd drop in again today - surprise! LOL!

Forgot another couple of woo hoo's yesterday:
* woo hoo for Warehouse Stationery having 25% of Fiskars stuff - finally got me a new paper trimmer for only $20!
* woo hoo for KMart having 15% of scrapping stuff, hence a new Extra Large squeeze punch - a 2" circle now sitting on my scrap table :)

Now here is my go at this tidbit that is on most peoples blogs - has been great getting to know you all a little better :)

10 years ago - I was 24, had just graduated from uni and was studying for my professional exams, travelling to Auckland once a month to spend time with Marty whose job had been relocated (worked out great as we got engaged at the end of that year)

5 things to do today - done today - made lunches, work, made tea, washing, updating blog
- for tomorrow - groceries, cleaning day, Finn to hairdessers, blogging & scrapping (LOL!)

Snacks I enjoy - chocolate, bagel chips, hummus, red liquorice

Things I would do if I was a millioniare - BUY A CRICUT and all the catridges and all the other cool scrapping gear on my wish list! Then pay the mortgage, go on a huge holiday etc...

Places I have lived - Invercargill, Dunedin, Auckland, Birmingham UK, Mosgiel

Off now to finish watching Army Wives, then going to curl up in bed and read some more of Ali Edwards book :)


Mrs Frizz said...

Top of your list if you were a millionaire ... a cricut and the accessories/cartridges - love it ... then pay off your mortgage ... good to see you have got your priorities right - ROFLMAO ...

Anonymous said...

This taggy thing does make for interesting reading as most of us didn't know each other 10 years ago!

Anonymous said...

glad you reading through your ali E book... I am still trying to find time to work on my photo draw... also love the fact you would get a cricut first too.... (actually I am with you- shhhhh)

Trace said...

Mmmm red liquorice haven't had that for years!

Angel Gurl said...

you got some good bragins there Mish! Also enjoy reading that Ali E book, its a goodie. I love red licorice too, prefer it to the black.