Thursday, June 12, 2008

So ..... I think I can scrap!

I am participating in the lastest comp over at SBD - So you think you can scrap! It has been a challenge doing a layout in someone else's style but I am enjoying it. The level of entries is absolutely amazing - I am in awe of some of these fellow scrappers! So here are my entries for the last two weeks:
Week One: Meek style - I chose the very minimal look she sometimes has:
Week Two: Kelly (aka memoryfairy) style
A few more weeks to go, so watch for more layouts in the coming weeks!
Here is also a wee card I did for a challenge from HeroArts blog a couple of weeks ago - the challenge was circles. The tree I made by cutting a circle from cardstock then running thru the cuttlebug with the circle embossing plate and adding buttons for decoration, and of course stamping with my wee monkey from my HeroArt stamps. Lots of fun to make:)

I missed WooHoot Wednesday - but today I had to have a wee giggle. We did a behavioural test thing for work, you know the one where you are either a Peacock/Eagle/Dove/Owl type. Well I came out as an Owl - LOL! (And part Dove). Yes I am one of those quiet caring types who prefers to sit back out of the limelight - well most of the time - LOL!

Night :)


Trace said...

I love your card Mich! LOL you being an owl...shame they didn't have a cupcake personality type! All the best with the SBD competion.

Angel Gurl said...

oh I like your sbd layouts, my Kelly layout is more like a list of things she used rather than her style. part dove and owl you say.....giggles....I agree maybe they should have had a cupcake test lol. Now that card you made is stunning.

Anonymous said...

Good for you on entering the competition - really like them both.

Just can't seem to get away from those owls!

Mrs Frizz said...

So you 'owled' it, did ya ... cupcaked crusader. Had to laugh at that one.

Both layouts rock ... like both of them. Well done you.

Yippee is right ... neat wee card.