Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

The week has rolled around again, very quickly!

My Woo Hoo's this week:

* finally finished my french knitting cupcake! Made a block with 8 nails, so put dacron inside the 'tail' to keep it's shape. Mini buttons for sprinkles and stuck corduroy material round a container as the bottom part.
* enjoyed a YUMMY roast beef meal the other night with all the trimmings, been soo long since we have cooked one - it was delicious!
* had a great relaxing long weekend doing nothing! Just mucking round home with the kids, was lots of fun.

..... and, the biggy .....

this friday I get to make something off my bucket list! (ie the list of things I want to do before I ... you know!).
Having grown up in a house with a Dad and brothers who love to watch car racing, I had decided that I would love to have a go in a race car. More precisely I have always wanted to do 'hotlaps' in a V8 race car - ie you sit strapped into the passenger seat of the car (complete with overalls and helmet) while the driver races you around the circuit - very fast! I know it's not for everyone and come Friday morning I will probably be having second thoughts, but it's all planned. DH and I are heading to Timaru with a few others, to the Levels racetrack for a few terrifying laps in one of the NZ V8 cars.
So stay tuned for Friday's 'F....F.... Far-out Friday post' - LOL!


Angel Gurl said...

Love the cup cake Mich, very very very cool. Love your week list there. Am glad you are doing something on your bucket list, that would scare the crap outta me but go you!!

Hannah said...

What a cute cupcake! Love it :-)

And wow, I think having a go in a race car would be awesome!! Scary, but awesome! I hope you have a blast and tell us all about it :-)

Anonymous said...

The cupcake is just the cutest! jess is on the cupcake list of lovers and got the sweetest little cupcake earrings from Kleins closing down sale.
I was lucky enough to win a prize when I was in my 20's and got to do laps in a Holden at Teratonga - major major adrenaline buzz - cant wait to hear how you loved it!

Trace said...

Awesome Mich that you are doing something off your bucket list - good on you! Hope you have an amazing time tomorrow morning!

Anonymous said...

Now thats a great Woo hoo post especially for Friday although did wonder what you were going to put in the "F" spaces! LOL. Look forward to hearing all about it and seeing the photos - don't forget the photos.

Gorgeous wee cupcake.

Beverley said...

GORGEOUS Cupcake! So are you gonna make a dozen? Love the sprinkles!

Wow for doing something from your bucket list - have fun and I'll be checking back to see how it goes.