Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Woo Hoo

Here we go .... woo hoo for .....
* feeling 150% better than the weekend, the only good thing about being sick was the couple of kg that I lost but am sure with Christmas it will show up again soon - LOL!
* getting closer to a break from work, once this last job is out of the way
* having some time to scrap tonight - well will do when I get this post done
* receiving some cool goodies from SBO summer sale - 2 books and some magazines but these are part of my Christmas pressie so I have been good and not peeked ... yet!
* getting kids Christmas pressies and Emma's birthday pressies sorted.
* yummy Christmas mince pies for morning tea
* cool blog updates from Laura Vegas about her prize trip to CK HQ in Utah
* some very talented ladies in the scrapworld, and endless handmade gift ideas being printed off here for future reference
* Finn's class great performance at Assembly at school on friday
* Emma's trip to a local rest home today to sing caroles, they took along the goat that was visiting kindy for the day - LOL!
* and a big woohoo coz Finn gets his cast off in less than a week - it's beginning to smell a bit now!!

That's it for today, might get round to downloading some Santa pics tomorrow, but must go scrap now while I'm in the mood and have time :)


Vicki said...

Lots to Whoo Hoo about in your part of the world. Ewww about the stinky cast though. Got me some sale goodies too but at least I get to play now with them.

mandyb said...

great list.... eeewwww re the smelly cast.... so how come Laura won that trip... was it a CK prize???

Trace said...

Cool list Mich - yep, my goodies from SBO are put away till my birthday, so I have to wait too! Glad to hear that your feeling back to your normal self.

Anonymous said...

Not great feeling off but glad to hear your feeling 150% better. Lots of Whoo Hoots there Mich. Ewwww, not great having a stinky cast. Have a great week! :)

angel gurl said...

nice list but more importantly yippe for feeling 150% better. Oh you are beng restrained not peaking at those pressies.

Roo said...

Cool list, ooh yummy Christmas mince pies.
And I just noticed your cool button blog header - very nice.