Friday, February 29, 2008

Day 29 - Happy Leap Day!

Day 29 - for Leap day what pic could be better than Miss Emma 'leaping' about on the trampoline at Kindy! LOL! Wow, a whole month has gone past and I have managed to take a completely random photo each day, some days it was difficult to find something and other days it was very easy. Now I have 29 very cool photos of random things in my life ...... now you will just have to wait for the layout! LOL! :)
Another photo for today - Finn in his favourite place at Kindy - the sandpit! Stayed at Kindy for a wee bit this morning to get some extra photos of Finn doing stuff he loves. Only two more days left, another part day visit at school then Thursday it's all go! Finn has loved Kindy, he has 3 great teachers (1 of which is a male - very rare nowadays), just as well I will still have Emma there in the afternoons, coz I think I would miss the place! I joked with the teachers that I would have to call in for a coffee with them as I would miss them so much! LOL!


Beverley said...

I am sure it's the parents who miss kindy the most! What I don't miss is the sand in the washing machine - I'm sure Alexander used to fill up his pockets before he left kindy each day. Happy party planning - the countdown is on, he'll be a school boy before you know it.

Hannah said...

Wow, a male Kindy teacher - that's cool!
I miss Kindy, and I cried on Ethan's last day. But soon Tyler will start so I'm looking forward to that.

You'll be a "school mum" soon!! :-)

Trace said...

Gosh, your kids are so lucky have a male teacher - they offer a completely different dimension to us. And yep, the kids move on pretty quick, but we always say to the parents, 'well you know the coffee's always on' and heaps of them come back to's lovely having those ongoing links - and I love that lots of the childrens kindy friendships last the test of time.

Angel Gurl said...

I have to say I am impressed there is a male kindy teacher. Like you said you still have Emma there and as Tracfe has highlighted teh like having the parents come back for coffee. Just think you will be busy as a kindy and school mum.

Julie said...

I hated kindy with Josef becuase he was special needs and it was always so very hard to leave him there. I dont think I had good kindy experiences with any of my three actually - lol!
Its going to be great to see how you do your 29 random pics in a LO.

tanyaleigh said...

Great photos there Mich, now the 29 photos would make a great wee book of random shots of 2008. Leigh had a male teacher at kindy which is rare but he was just great and all the kids loved him. I missed kindy when Leigh left and as a joke told them I might be back and now I will with Noah....LOL!!!