Monday, February 25, 2008

Day 25 & BOM

Day 25 - Barometer drops but still no rain?!

Have started ... slowly ... to do the Book of Me Challenge on SE below is my cover page - my name. I have decided to do 6x12 layouts and for this first challenge choose to write something about each letter of my name.....

M - Marty - my partner in life

I - Icecream with chocolate sauce

C - Children = Finn & Emma

H - Home = Mosgiel, New Zealand

E - English Breakfast Dilmah Tea

L - Lie-ins on a Saturday morning

L - Long hot showers

E - Excited about life


Anonymous said...

That's such a neat idea Mich! Love the letter you used - are they basic grey?

Angel Gurl said...

love the size you are using and very cool idea using the letters of your name to tell us about you.

Julie said...

This is awesome, I love the way you used the letters of your name.

Trace said...

I love your BOM Mich - what an excellent idea. And I hope the rains comes and visits you today - nothing worse than the humidity...

Hannah said...

Love it! Great idea to use the letters to tell a bit more about yourself.
I'm so impressed with all these BOM entries :-)
And I have to say, you look totally different in that photo to the one on your SE avatar! :-)