Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 21

Day 21 - another pic of a rose in my garden. This is my favourite - Michelangelo. I moved this rose bush a few months ago, so we could put down some extra paving - and I thought I had killed the it, but with lots and lots of water, a bit of a cutback it has started flowering again - yippee!
Invites for Finn's pirate party have been given out and there are some excited kids at kindy! Think they will all be playing 'pirates' in the kindy playground for the next week or so - LOL! Thanks to Lynda and Beverley for posting photos of your pirate parties for me - has given me a few more ideas :) And a big thankyou to Lynda for the envelope of pirate stamped cards - I will put these to great use - Finn loved to pirate boy and wanted to take all the cards!


Mrs Frizz said...

I love my roses as well ... scent-wise, does it have a scent ... a beautiful bloom.

mummymoo said...

OMG your rose is stunning and I so cant wait to see photos of your pirate party to I am sure it will be an absoulte blast !!

Lesli said...

Beautiful Rose - so very clear - great photo! I loved looking over your blog!