Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day 14

Day 14 - a cool little cow I have sitting in my kitchen - very random!

Happy Valentines everyone - hope your men spoilt you today! Marty was out last night so I sneaked into his car and put rose petals on the carseat, and put a card inside his laptop so he would find it when he opened it at work. And for me ......... well I am still waiting ............. all I can say is I hope he puts a bit more thought into our wedding anniversary that is next month!! LOL!
And no, chocolates are not an option! LOL!!


Vicki said...

You romantic you! We have our wedding anniversary next month as well - as to doing something - we will see.

Angel Gurl said...

oh thats was nice of you, so romantic. what date is your anniversary date?