Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 20

Day 20 - Hot day here again so a treat for kids for afternoon tea - french vanilla ice-cream! YUM YUM!

My wee boy is growing up ... sniff sniff ... Finn had his first school visit today. Went really well, he sat by me for about 5 minutes then joined in with the other kids sitting on the mat. He is a quiet boy but am sure he will do fine, and I suppose it helps that he is very excited about starting and being with the big kids ... only two weeks to go now!


Beverley said...

Yum ice-cream - but I prefer plain vanilla! School visits, an exciting time for Finn - he'll be fine and I'm sure you will be too. Speaking of turning five - I put up a couple of pirate pics on my blog for you to look at.

Trace said...

Cute picture Mich. Glad the school visit went well, good to know that he's excited. And thanks for the funky blog info, will try it out this arvo.

Julie said...

Oh wow - school visits - how cool is that! such a huge milestone - one I always found bittersweet. :o)