Friday, April 4, 2008

Colours everywhere!

This pic is for Trace - thanks for your suggestion re learning colours! A reward tonight for the kids - a GREEN bath!

Have started doing a mini scrapbook for Finn - 'All about me' inspired by Nic Howard's blog . Am having fun taking different photos of Finn and getting his answers to questions, drawing round his hands and getting some cool drawings to include in it. Will post some pics when it is a bit more complete.

Finn is starting his rugby career tomorrow - first outing is at Carisbrook! LOL! Maybe a sign of things in future?! LOL! He is starting Rippa rugby with a local club and they have a open day with a few of the other clubs at Carisbrook tomorrow arvo for a bit of a run round. He got a wee pair of boots yesterday (got a couple of pairs from a friend) and had to spend some time wearing them running outside to try them out - so cute! Not to be outdone Emma had to have a go too, complete in her demin skirt and pink striped socks on! Very funny!


Mrs Frizz said...

Too cute ... love the pic ... you are now going to have to keep all food colouring far away from little hands.

Finn ... good luck wee man tomorrow at Carisbrook. Have fun and enjoy the game. Run fast!!!

Angel Gurl said...

very cool photo Mich. Love the green. So did you get a photo of Emma with Finns boots on. Finn have fun on Saturday.

Vicki said...

Woohoo - Carisbrook! Go Finn!

Hope Emma's hair didn't go green - she's such a blondie. Very cute photo.

tanyaleigh said...

How cool having a green bath. Won't be showing my kids that or they will want that every night....LOL!!!

Have fun today Fin!

nztreasure said...

What a cool photo!!
And Carisbrook - wow!