Monday, March 10, 2008

What a FANTASTIC weekend!

Whew back from Queenstown, tired but man that was sooooooo much fun! I got up to Queenstown just after lunch on Friday to find my table area covered by Mrs Frizz - she had kindly saved me a space then covered it with her stuff! LOL! My crop buddies at the noisey end of the table are pictured below - Me, Tanya, Megan, Meg, Janine (Angel gurl) and Michelle (Mrs Frizz).
Please note our princess tiaras kindly made by Tanya, complete with bling! (secured in the hair with small bulldog clips - LOL!!!).
Tanya, Janine and Mrs Frizz were my roomies, well to clarify they were supposed to be! Need I say more???? :) 'snoring noises' - hehehe!
I managed to complete 11 layouts and a couple of off the page projects - will post some pics tomorrow. I also managed to complete a double layout for the 29 days photo challenge that I did in February - turned out pretty cool!
Lots of laughs were had, yummy truffles eaten (thanks Lou), yummy Tarimisu (thanks Michele) and lots of other food! Scrapped til 1am - ish on Saturday morning and then til just before 2am on Sunday morning - so needless to say I was pleased to have a big sleep last night, don't think even a train could have woken me, or Mrs Frizz's snoring!
Now trying to work out how I can make it to Mt Hutt for the camp that Tanya is organising! Think I might need to do some fast talking with dh :)!


hannah said...

Don't you all look great?! Love the tiaras!
Sounds like a brilliant weekend ... but no wonder you are tired now!

Debbie said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend and love the pic! Can't wait to see your layouts and OTP projects!

tanyaleigh said...

LOL!!! Was great to spend the weekend with you and the other noisy girls.....HAHAHA! I went to bed early on Sunday night and last night and still feel tired. But a very awesome weekend. Roll on October! I won't bunk you with Janine or Mr Ed, promise! ROFLMAO!

Vicki said...

What a fun weekend - really feel like I have missed out now. Hope to see you in CHCH in October - you better start talking nicely to DH.

Beverley said...

I'm guessing you're the one in the left front - the only one I don't recognise! Love the tiaras. I'm feeling like I missed out big time too.

Mrs Frizz said...

It was a cracker weekend ... had a blast, I truly did. Yesterday though I really hit a brick wall. You will have to load your layouts for everyone to see - they were ALL awesome!!!!

Angel Gurl said...

what did Tanya Leigh mean that you wont bunjk with me and mr Ed in october??? Was great to meet you, had a ball bantering with you.