Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My baby boy is 5 - well almost!

I know a few of you have probably been waiting to see the pics of Finn's party, so here goes .....

We had his last morning at Kindy on Tuesday, very cool time and no I didn't shed a tear - this surprised me as thought I would be a blubbering mess! LOL! They made this cool hat for him, he got to sit on the birthday chair and the traditional playdough birthday cake!

Then tuesday arvo we have some of Finn's kindy mates round for a pirate party - with a twist .... couldn't locate a dinghy but managed to get hold of a bouncy castle (borrowed from my BIL's friend) ... 7 kids managed to bounce away for 2 hours with a stop for food in the middle, thankfully nobody was sick after bouncing round on a full tummy - whew! And thankfully we had a nice arvo, since the weekend's full of rain it has been decidely chilly but yesterday turned out nice and sunny.

Here is Finn with his cake - a pirate ship complete with Little People pirates on top.
And here is my very tired little pirate at the end of a busy day :)

Tomorrow is the first offical day of school, he had his final 'visit' today and they went swimming which he loved, not that he can swim .... yet.
Uniform is all named, books purchased and named, my little boy is growing up .... sniff ....

On other important business (ie scrap retreat, LOL!) .... scrap gear is almost all sorted, photos almost all printed (last dash into town tomorrow to get some big prints done), have a couple of hours free in the arvo to get bag packed and car loaded. Heading away first thing on Friday ...... so will post again after the weekend! See ya! :)


Beverley said...

Wow - that's an awesome looking pirate ship cake! Looks like he had a great pirate party. Bouncy castles are so fun. Will be thinking of you and the first official day of school tomorrow. Have fun at camp.

Hannah said...

I love the cake - amazing!! Did you have a book to copy from, or just make it up? I'm thinking Tyler would love a Pirate party in September, so if you have instructions I would love them!

Sounds like a really fun party.
I'm sure the first day of school will be fabulous - can't wait to hear about it :-)

mummymoo said...

WOW what an awesome paprty and i am glad no tummies were to ummm... bounced :) Everything looks fantastic - well done !!!

Hope you had a great time at camp :)