Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter pics!

Hope you all had a relaxing Easter, catching up with family and friends, and enjoying the last of the nice warm days before that cooler weather starts setting in. We had a great few days away in Central Otago, and yes I managed to get my planned pic of the kids on those giant pumpkins! They weren't too keen to sit up on the wagon with the pumpkins, but happy enough to sit on this large pile!
A further shot of Finn to show you the size of the pile! They had one pumpkin there that had just weighed in at a whopping 205kgs!!!!
We also went for a drive to see some more giant food - this time the giant fruit at Cromwell!
And I just had to include this pic - the little stone church in Clyde where Marty and I were married 8 years and 16 days ago. I love stopping and taking more shots of it - love the stonework and the roses lining the path are always flowering beautifully at this time of year.
Hope you all enjoyed your chocolate eggs - hope they were Cadbury ones!! :)


Mrs Frizz said...

Awesome pics buddy - absolutely awesome ... loving the pumpkin pile - massive - so do they really eat them??? Hope that doesn't sound like a dumb blonde question - but they might be more for show ... are they???

What a quaint little church.

Angel Gurl said...

that church is those are some big pumpkins and I can say I know where teh giant fruit is too.

Hannah said...

Cool pumpkins! They had some giant ones like that at the Easter show and I couldn't get Tyler to STOP climbing on them!

That church is just lovely, I can totally imagine a wedding there.

And of COURSE my eggs were all Cadbury!! :-) :-)

Debbie said...

Mich, I just love the pics especially the ones with the kids on the pumpkin pile.

Awesome church!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful church! OMG at that pumpkin pile!! Seeing the kids ont hem I keep thinking of James and the Giant Peach lol

Vicki said...

Of course its Cadbury!

Wow to the pumpkins - the pictures are great. Bet you are glad that you took the kids back there.

Very cute church.

tilly said...

My those photos bring back memories I lived in central otago for 11 years the pumpkins LO is gorgeous Mitch.