Monday, October 17, 2011

Snapshot Sunday ...

... on a Monday!

Sorry I didn't post this last night, was jumping up and down off the couch last night was sure my laptop would have been dropped if I had tried to blog - LOL!

Awesome game for the All Blacks last night, now can't wait for the final this coming weekend - let's get that cup back in our trophy cabinet!

Well just a short post tonight ... hubby, the kids and I all had a wonderful weekend in Queenstown. The weather didn't play ball til the day we left, but we still managed to get out and about and have lots of fun. I have just downloaded 330 photos - so there will be show and tell at a future date when I get a chance to sift through them and do a bit of editing!

But for my snapshot this Sunday on a Monday ...

... jump shots are everywhere - I had never tried to take a pic of me doing one, obviously because I am normally behind the camera. So when hubby was having a go at taking some photos at the weekend I asked him to snap some of me - and this is the best of the lot. Pretty fun pic - watch out for it on a layout soon! ;)

Enjoy the rest of your week - am looking forward to a couple of days off later in the week with the kids during their school holidays. Then a long weekend - and celebrating another All Black victory (positive thinking!).

m :)


Janine said...

Great shot Mich and the blue background, makes you pop, in a nice way. Great job Marty. 330 photos - just a few. It was a great game. Bring on Sunday.

mandyb said...

love it!!
great jumping!!!

Mrs Frizz said...

now that's an awesome shot ... and we shall see it scrapped sooner, rather than later ???