Thursday, February 12, 2009

Movie Night Wednesday - The Girl with the Pearl Earring

Another Wednesday has been and gone ... Now this movie was ok I enjoyed it but didn't really capture my attention like The Duchess. But am glad I have now watched it, and ticked it off my list. Hubby is away on Friday and Saturday evenings helping out some friends so decided to get a couple more dvd's to watch on these nights. So have Under the Tuscan Sun (thanks Deb for that suggestion) and also have PS I Love you - thought this was very appropriate for Valentines night - LOL!
Have received my album refills and so have been slowly putting together my album ... here goes ...
Inside front cover - a pic of us taken at start of January

This is the start of photos ... downloaded cards from Becky's blog then opened them in Picasa and added the month to them (font is 'Downcome' one I downloaded from Jessica Sprague's course at the end of last year). Have decided against doing cards for 'the week of', just the month cards as seemed a bit easier. Numbers on photos added in Picasa (font is 'Diesel' also Jessica Sprague download). Am not cutting up individual journalling tabs, just leaving as 6x4 size as they slot straight in. Pretty basic really but didn't want to complicate matters as it would get to consuming to complete and then I'd end up not seeing the whole year through.
Notes for photos ..
Jan 1 - kids swimming and trying to keep cool
Jan 2 - our camp in Bannockburn
Jan 3 - Emma's birthday

Feb 1 - Feldwick gates at Queens Park in Invercargill
Feb 2 - my local supermarket - am even going to include the docket behind the journalling tab
Feb 3 - schools back!
So how is everyone else's Project 365 going?

Bit of a rainy day here today - wish I could bottle it up and send it to Victoria. My bro lives in Melb and said Saturday was just a crazy heat at 46.4degrees!!! My thoughts are with my cousin and her family at the moment - her husbands cousin lost her life along with her three children. So sad, so devastating ...


Kelly said...

you're doing well on your 365.

Have you read the Under the Tuscan sun? If you haven't you won't get befuddled like me - but if you have, just bear with the brain twisting wee differences from the book. It kept making me think I hadn't actually read the book like I thought I had!! LOL

angel gurl said...

I am not doing the 365 thing. Your album is coming along nicely. I loved PS I love you and I cried...have some tiisues handy. I got five dvds out to watch over the next few days while recovering from surgery lol. So I will let you know how I go. I just read your previous post about the Duchess. Hey did you get the book as I have it and send it down to you. The Tuscan Sun I enjoyed, I got frustrated in parts during the movie but all in all it was okay.

Trace said...

Oh Mich, my thoughts go out to your cousins family - I can't for a moment believe the terror that these families have/are going through. Hope you enjoy your movie evening - I'm babysitting for Valentines, not very romantic for me, but nice for them LOL! I can get out anytime with no kids, but that's a bit harder for them.

mandyb said...

enjoy under the tuscan sun,... I too got a little frustrated that it differed than the book, but thats what happens... as for you 365 album looking good... LOve the month idea instead of week of... mmmmmm might try that too

Debbie said...

Loving your 365....I haven't actually read Under the Tuscan Sun but have watched the movie 3-4 times...What did you think?

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