Saturday, February 21, 2009

A rainy day....

... and a new challenge.
Was blog hopping (as you do on a friday night at home) and came across Vicky's cool challenge to take a photo of 'real life' for a week. As I am trying to keep up to date with Project 365 I thought this would work as well. So here is my today, with some photos taken by the kids ...
A yummy afternoon tea of scones straight out of the oven, a cuppa and my puta!
Two crazy people!
Our fire on - yes it got that chilly this morning we decided to put it on.
And on cue a load of firewood arrived - will stack when the rain stops.

A couple of arty shots of the rain, Emma eating goodies after she arrives home from a friends 4th birthday party, and Finn with his cars.
Hope you all have been having a creative day on this wet weekend.
Just a short post tonight as have to go get ready for my cousins hen's night!
Keep warm :)


Trace said...

Very cool arty shots there Mich! Love the photo of the two crazy Have fun at the hen's night.

Vicky said...

GReat photos! So strange to see my blog on someone elses computer! and weird to see a fire going when we're so hot up here... hope you are all snug!

mandyb said...

cool pics.... love the idea of combining some pics for the day and printing them out in a collage format!!!

Twobees said...

Great photo collage. Isn't a warm fire just the best thing. :) Although it does seem early, just makes you wanna get out mashmallows and toast them :)