Thursday, February 5, 2009

Movie Night Wednesday - The Duchess

OK so really should have put Movie Morning Thursday there - LOL! Had a friend come round for a catchup last night so didn't get chance to watch the dvd til this morning, still another few days before I get any work to do so enjoying my quiet time with kids back at school/kindy!
I loved this movie, something about the English history, those gorgeous costumes and locations - it was absolutely stunning! I am so intriged to know more about Georgina's life that I might just pop to the library this arvo and see what books they have. So if she was a Spencer does that mean she was related to Diana? I actually have a love of English history and I think this film may have just reignited this. I was lucky enough to visit numerous palaces and castles in the UK while living there, the most memorable would have to be visiting Althorp Estate - the family home of Diana, and the place where she is buried. After walking the gardens and seeing through the House I was served in the gift shop by Charles Spencer himself! He was very nice and I got him to sign a copy of his book on the history of Althorp.
So if you are yet to see this movie I would recommend it! I am now off to find that book and read further into the section on the family history.
Enjoy the long weekend!

PS just found the answer - yes Georgina was from the same Spencer family as Diana


Mrs Frizz said...

Looks like you could be doing a little more reading - an historian in our midst. Have fun!

mandyb said...

ohhhh haven't seen that movie so will add it to my list- so how many stars do you give it??

Kelly said...

That sounds like a great movie - I really want to see it too.

Scrappykea said...

hmmm, my Gran was a Spencer...wonder if I'm related too? sounds like a good movie, especially if you want to more 'research' into it!

Anonymous said...

oh cool, I want to watch this but wasn't sure because sometimes the period dramas can be a little tedious - great review