Monday, August 22, 2011

Did you know ...

... attention all blogspot bloggers ... did you know that you can add 'pages' to your blog?

I saw a very informative tutorial on Shabbyblogs at the weekend and discovered this.

So next time you go to create a new post, look along the same bar and you will see 'Edit Pages' - click on this and add your detail ... and you too can how extra pages on your blog!

So you will see I have added two new pages - some 'Show and Tell' with some of my favourites layouts created over the last year.

Look out for more being added soon ... for one of my favourite manufacturers! ;)

1 comment:

mandyb said...

is this new for

ive had a few pages for ages now (wordpress) but forget to add things to them !!! lol!!!

love your show and tell