Monday, July 25, 2011

'Snow day' Monday ...

... as predicted last night the snow didn't fade away over night, in fact the snow on the ground more than doubled! So by 9 when the kids ran out the door there was approx 10cm lying on the ground. Needless to say neither Marty nor I made it to work today - we weren't prepared to risk the roads. Marty's work ended up closing altogether about lunchtime through til tomorrow morning - a safety call really, as not fair to expect night shift and back shift workers to attempt the roads esp at night.

So we got to spend a day with the kids enjoying the fun of the snow. Finn spend most of the day outside throwing snowballs at the other kids down the street ... he went through a few pairs of trousers and socks over the day. Emma kept complaining about cold/wet feet until I put a pair of my woolie socks on her feet and then she was all set. But she did get a bit picked on by the boys throwing snowballs!

This pic is about midday when the sun poked through ...

This was first thing at about 9.30am when we first headed out - blizzard like conditions for about an hour!

An hour later looking inland towards the Maungatua Ranges.

Looking the other way towards Saddle Hill.

Later I had a walk down the road, this is taken on the banks of the Silverstream and he snow sitting in the paddocks.

Hope you are all snuggled up warm as it is going to be a chilly night everywhere it would seem.

Fingers crossed the roads aren't too bad in the morning as really need to get into work tomorrow.



Hannah said...

So much FUN!!! :-)

Mrs Frizz said...

okay, so the kids had fun ... but it still looks flippin' freezing ... and did the big kids have a snowball fight too ???

mandyb said...

great pics!!!
fun times!!!

btw im getting your comments on my blog coming back after i comment BACK to you!!! not sure whats going on there!!!

Janine said...

Wow great photos and it looks like the kids had a fab time playing. Brrr at snowball fights though lol, on the bright side you got an extra family day together.